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30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

Your Life in 20/20: The Must-Do Photo Challenge of The Year

2020 Photography Challenge

Photo by Jordan McQueen

Make 2020 the year you finally print some of those amazing photos you’ve captured that are just sitting on your laptop, phone, or in the cloud collecting virtual dust. To help inspire you, here are 20 photos that would look incredible printed and turned into photo art. If you don’t already have similar images in your collection, we encourage you to go capture them! Seeing your own photos and memories printed and on display is a feeling like no other. This photo challenge gives a whole new meaning to 20/20 vision. See for yourself! 

Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge 

1. A Photo That Shows Kindness

Kindness - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Matt Collamer

Photographer, Matt Collamer, shared this photo, saying, “I met Michael in a Boston subway station. I told him I liked his sign. ‘What matters is what it means to you,’ he told me. I asked what it meant to him. ‘Doing a deed or expressing kindness to another person without expecting anything in return,’ Michael said. I love approaching strangers wherever I go. Listening and talking to them teaches you about people and how similar we all are to one another. Just like Michael, we’re all seeking human kindness.” 

2. A Photo of Your Favourite Landscape 

Landscape - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Andrew Ly

There is certainly no shortage of breathtaking landscapes in our beautiful country. Thank you, Canada! Capture a photo of your favourite landscape and turn it into art that will last a lifetime. Posterjack Acrylic Prints are a fan-favourite for printing landscape photos because the colours are crisp, vibrant, and accurate. Check out What is an Acrylic Print to learn more.

Posterjack Acrylic Print - Landscape Photo

3. A Photo of an Animal 

Animal - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Daniel Sandoval

Be it wildlife or family pets, when you print your animal photos on Posterjack art, the textures, colours, and details in the image are going to pop. If you need some tips and ideas for animal photography, we have several blog posts to help you out, here are a few to get your started:

4. A Photo That Calms

Calm - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Simon Rae

Whether it’s a field of lavender, rain drops on a lake, or a photo of yourself at a time when you felt totally at ease, displaying a photo in your home that makes you feel relaxed will add a sense of peace and tranquility to the room. 

5. A Photo That Motivates

Motivates - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by sydney Rae

In the same way that displaying a relaxing photo can help you remember to breathe, a photo that inspires you can help keep you motivated, whether that’s a workout selfie you captured at the gym, a family photo to remind yourself why you’re getting up at 4:30am every day to go to work, or an inspirational quote that really resonates with you.

Idea: If you have multiple photos that you want to display to help keep you motivated, a collection of Canvas Minis look great displayed together on a shelf, desk, or even on the wall.  

Posterjack Canvas Minis

6. A Forced Perspective Photo

Forced Perspective - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Jakob Owens

Have some fun with forced perspective photography! Check out 10 Forced Perspective Photos You Have to Try For Yourself if you need some tips or ideas on how to capture this type of trick photography. 

7. A Photo of Home 

Home - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Clark Young

Whatever “home” means to you, printing and displaying a photo of it can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. You can take it a step further and create an entire photo book of these memories that remind you of home. Posterjack offers hardcover and softcover photo books. Your photos are printed using HP Indigo inks, which are water-based and non-toxic, and our proprietary printing software, so your images are sharp, accurate, and vibrant. You can customize your photo book to have as few as 20 page or as many as 120 pages, which are made with a sturdy 100-pound photo paper. Posterjack Hardcover Photo Books come in five different sizes, while the Softcover Photo Books come in six different sizes, and both are professionally-bound and made in our Toronto workshop. 

Posterjack Hardcover Photo Book

8. A Silhouette Photo

Silhouette - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by David Hofmann

Silhouette photos can look incredible printed and on display; their stunning, and often dramatic or mysterious look will make them the focal point in any room and are guaranteed to get people talking. 

9. An Abstract Photo

Abstract - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Umberto

Abstract photography allows a photographer to get really creative, often breaking the traditional “rules” of photography, and photograph whatever they like and however they like. The lighting, angle, and composition of a great abstract photo can really illustrate the subject’s details—putting the spotlight on patterns, textures, shapes, and colours—even though the subject may not be quickly or easily identified. 

10. A Photo of Food

Food - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by twinsfisch

Food photos aren’t just for Instagram! Capturing photos of food can strengthen your photography skills, as it allows you to experiment with lighting, angles, composition, and more. They also look great printed and displayed in the kitchen!

Speaking of Instagram, Posterjack Canvas Prints are great for displaying your favourite photos in the kitchen. They’re not just a pretty face; they’re also very durable, easy to clean, and can withstand the humidity often created in a kitchen. To learn more, check out Are Canvas Prints Waterproof?

Related: How to Turn Your Instagram Photos into Wall Art

Canvas Print of Food Photo Displayed in Kitchen

11. A Family Photo

Family - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by National Cancer Institute

By blood or by choice, family is to be cherished. You can never have enough photos of those who mean the most to you! Once you have the photos you’d like to print, check out 5 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall of Family Photos for some inspiration on how to display your shots. You may also be interested in reading 38 Sibling Photo Ideas to Help Inspire Your Next Photoshoot.

12. A Photo of Nature

Nature - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Johannes Plenio

If you love to be outdoors but don’t get to spend as much time in nature as you’d like, printing and displaying photos in your home is the next best thing! Hanging photos of nature in smaller rooms can also create the illusion of a larger space. It’s a win-win. 

13. A Black & White Photo

Black & White - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Joshua Clay

If you want to create a gallery wall of photos that don’t have a common theme, printing them all in black and white can help pull them all together. Shooting in black and white—or editing them to be so afterwards—can also help to eliminate distracting objects or hide flaws within an image. 

For a photo art product that’s as unique as your image, try printing it on a Classic Silver Metal Print. We will print your photo directly onto the brushed aluminum, so the raw metal is actually visible in areas of a photo where there’s white or low saturation. This type of custom photo art has a totally unique and artist look to it, and receives rave reviews from customers across Canada. Check out this Photo Art of the Week to see a beautiful example one of our customer’s created with their black and white image.

Tip: Converting a coloured image to black and white can be done in one click when you upload it to the Posterjack website! 

14. A Photo of Love

Love - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Tim Marshall

Capture a photo that represents love. This could be a photo of your partner, pet, child, or even your favourite sport. Love has no boundaries!  

15. A Photo That Fills Your Heart

Fills Your Heart - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Nathan Anderson

Similar to capturing a photo of love, try getting a photo that really warms your heart and gives you all the feels. Displaying a photo like this in your home can give you a little extra pick-me-up when you’re feeling down, or just be a wonderful way to start your day. 

16. A Macro Photo

Macro - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Rob Pumphrey

From insects to water droplets to close-ups of someone’s eye, macro photos highlight the details in a subject that are often ignored or unseen by the naked eye. When macro photos are printed at a large scale, the textures, details, patterns, and colours are naturally enhanced and look incredible! 

17. A Street Photo

Candid Street - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Yanni Panesa

What better way to document life than with candid street photography? You can capture the raw essence of humankind and barely need to step outside your own front door. Including buildings and other structures within your photo can add interest to the image too, especially when you’re looking at the print decades down the road and see restaurants that no longer exist or outdated vehicles that our future selves will look at as classics. 

18. A Photo of Reflection

Reflection - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Oliver Hihn

Puddles, lakes, rivers, oceans … we are surrounded by opportunities to capture creative photos that include reflections. You can even look beyond water reflections and consider reflections found in mirrors and glass. Composing your shot from creative angles can add even more interest to the photo. 

19. A Photo Capturing Emotion

Emotion - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

Capturing photos that depict emotion can be challenging, but when you get the shot, they can be brilliant and totally print-worthy. Whether the photo shows joy, fear, pain, or even surprise, the viewer is likely to feel the emotion illustrated in the photo, making it that much more powerful and intriguing. 

20. A Photo of Patterns

Patterns - Your Life in 20/20 Photo Challenge

Photo by Victor Garcia

There are patterns all around us! Intentionally setting out to find and photograph patterns can open your eyes to things you may not have noticed before and they can look fantastic printed and displayed on the wall! 

Make 2020 The Year of Photo Art

We would love to see the images you capture that relate to this photo challenge. Feel free to share them with us on Facebook or Instagram. Of course, we would also love to print those photos for you! To show our appreciation, we have a Free Prints Friday giveaway for customers that share photos of their Posterjack prints. You can check out this post to find out how you can enter to win $150 to go towards Posterjack photo art.

Print Your Photos Now! 2020 Photo Challenge

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