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30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

HD Metal Prints

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It's like magic! Brilliant colours, high definition, and a glossy surface combine to make the world’s most luxurious photo prints.
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HD Metal Prints Details

What ARE those?...HD Metal Prints of course

If you don't mind being asked over & over what they are, then our HD Metal Prints are exactly what you need to make your photos the center of attention.  Discover an ultra-premium photo print that will make your photos come alive.

  • Vibrant colours in a super wide gamut with original EPSON inks
  • Premium Glossy Chromaluxe High Definition metal panel
  • Excellent print longevity, rated for 100 plus years fade resistance

Loved by professional photographers to make their photos look even better, that’s why we created our PJ-PRINT™ software to print your photos super-crisp at large scale along with our fine tuned print system to ensure colours are accurate, yet vibrant.

If you're ready to experience the most incredible photo print, then we're here to help you do just that.

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    HD Metal Prints Pricing

    Aspect Ratio

    • Popular Sizes
    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Panorama
    Dimensions Price Price With Frame
    5 x 7 inches $38.00
    12 x 16 inches $87.00
    18 x 24 inches $215.00
    24 x 32 inches $324.00
    28 x 42 inches $468.00
    32 x 48 inches $565.00
    Dimensions Price Price With Frame
    6 x 6 inches $38.00
    12 x 12 inches $64.00
    16 x 16 inches $116.00
    20 x 20 inches $194.00
    Dimensions Price Price With Frame
    8 x 24 inches $81.00
    12 x 24 inches $130.00
    12 x 36 inches $225.00
    18 x 36 inches $277.00
    16 x 48 inches $338.00
    20 x 40 inches $338.00

    Hanging & Framing Metal Print

    Hanging & Framing Hero

    Displaying Your Metal Print

    Posterjack's proprietary Float Mount Hanging System is the perfect way to display your modern HD Metal Print. The hidden fixture on the reverse side floats the Metal Print 1/2" off the wall, and the traditional picture wire makes it easy to hang on a hook or nail!


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