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💦 Profitez de grosses économies d'été 💦 25 % de réduction sur tout le site avec le code : SSUM25 + jusqu'à 50 % de réduction sur les impressions sur toile ➨ et sur les impressions acryliques ➨

Papier photo satiné

Prix régulier $5.00 Prix réduit $5.00
Why do Posterjack photo prints look so darn good? We use the best printers, ink & paper, combined with our proprietary print software to deliver the best large scale photo prints in Canada.
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Papier photo satiné Details

À propos de nos tirages photo satinés

Nous réalisons de grands tirages photo depuis 2009. Toujours notre best-seller, nous faisons de notre mieux pour garantir une qualité qui dépassera vos attentes !

  • Imprimé à l'aide de la méthode giclée (jet d'encre) pour un superbe look aux tons continus.
  • Des couleurs éclatantes dans une large gamme avec les encres HP Vivera d'origine
  • Papier photo mat satiné 250 GSM fabriqué en Allemagne
  • Excellente longévité d'impression, évaluée pour plus de 200 ans de résistance à la décoloration
  • Le logiciel d'impression propriétaire Posterjack crée des impressions nettes à grande échelle
  • Respectueux de l'environnement : encres non toxiques à base d'eau imprimées sur du papier photo certifié FSC
  • Expédié dans un tube de protection
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Papier photo satiné Pricing

Aspect Ratio

  • Popular Sizes
  • iPhone and Camera Ratio (4:3)
  • SLR Camera Ratio (3:2)
  • Panorama Ratio (4:1 or 3:1)
  • Double Ratio (2:1)
  • Square Ratio (1:1)
  • Other Common Sizes
  • Common Paper Sizes
  • Special Sizes
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
12 x 16 pouces $13.00
18 x 24 pouces $23.00
24 x 32 pouces $33.00
30 x 40 pouces $58.00
36 x 48 pouces $87.00
42 x 56 pouces $108.00
54 x 72 pouces $190.00
59 x 80 pouces $204.00
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
20 x 30 pouces $25.00
28 x 42 pouces $58.00
32 x 48 pouces $87.00
40 x 60 pouces $112.00
48 x 72 pouces $163.00
59 x 90 pouces $225.00
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
8x24 pouces $13.00
8x32 pouces $17.00
12 x 36 pouces $23.00
12 x 48 pouces $33.00
16 x 48 pouces $40.00
16 x 64 pouces $58.00
20 x 60 pouces $60.00
20 x 80 pouces $85.00
40 x 120 pouces $211.00
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
12 x 24 pouces $17.00
18 x 36 pouces $29.00
20 x 40 pouces $44.00
24 x 48 pouces $64.00
30 x 60 pouces $95.00
40 x 80 pouces $153.00
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
8 x 8 pouces $6.00
16 x 16 pouces $15.00
20 x 20 pouces $23.00
24 x 24 pouces $29.00
28 x 28 pouces $40.00
32 x 32 pouces $50.00
36 x 36 pouces $64.00
40 x 40 pouces $81.00
48 x 48 pouces $112.00
59 x 59 pouces $174.00
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
16 x 20 pouces $19.00
20 x 28 pouces $29.00
28 x 40 pouces $54.00
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
8,5 x 11 pouces $8.00
11 x 17 pouces $11.00
13 x 19 pouces $13.00
Dimensions Price Price With Frame
22 x 28 pouces $27.00

Hanging & Framing

Hanging & Framing Hero

Essential Frame

Our Essential Frame is imported from Italy and crafted using sturdy finger jointed Pine. The clean straight lines of this moulding create an easy way to compliment any decor, and sets the standard for simple and contemporary frame design. The durable Guardian finish is available in three beautiful colours. If you are looking for a no-nonsense frame that will never go out of style, this is it!

Gallery Frame

Our Gallery Frame moulding is cut and milled from gorgeous Canadian Ashwood. The frame style mimics what is showcased in galleries around the world, with a nice deep 1.5” profile, and will look just as good hanging on your walls. Stained with four beautiful finish options, in each case the grain shows through giving off a rich wood look. Ash is naturally a very durable hardwood, and this frame is built to last a lifetime!

Metallic Frame

Our Metallic Frames add a sense of style and sophistication to any image. This imported moulding from Italy has an amazing hand rubbed finish that creates a surface with interest and depth. Increasingly popular among interior designers, metallic frames are right on trend. If you are looking for a frame style to stand out from the typical blacks and whites, this is a fabulous option!

Lacquer Frame

If you’re searching for high-end style, look no further than our Lacquer Frames. Italian designers have carefully created this high-gloss moulding to be at the pinnacle of modern design – simple, yet stunning. Just like the finish on a grand piano, our lacquer frames are super polished and ultra smooth. No matter where you hang them, modern lacquer frames will make a stylish statement.

Loft Frame

The Posterjack Loft Frame presents a striking and fresh new look for your walls. Inspired by contemporary design, the Loft Frame is a Posterjack exclusive, designed and made in Canada. Forget clunky and ornate, the Loft Frame will elevate your wall décor to a new level. The solid wood frame is defined by its deep-set mounting style as your image is recessed one inch from the face of the frame. A unique look for your favourite photos!

Barnwood Frame

Our Barnwood Frames are artisan-crafted with a natural beauty and feel. They’re the perfect blend of elegance and raw style. The natural wood grain and unique imperfections of each Barnwood Frame will really contribute to that one-of-a-kind look everyone wants from their art. Perfect for both an elegant or casual setting, the handcrafted quality will catch your eye no matter where you hang it.


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