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Ends at Midnight25% OFF SITEWIDE with code: 25FMDS plus Great Price Markdowns on Canvas Prints ➨

How to Display Canvas Prints

How to Display Canvas Art: Tips & Ideas on Displaying Canvas Prints

What’s more exciting than turning your favourite photos into Canvas Prints? Getting them hung up and on display for all to admire, is what! Everyone has their own personal decor style, but if you are looking for some ideas and tips on how to display your new canvas art, we have several blog posts that can help. Here’s a round-up of posts we think you’ll find interesting, but you can also peruse the Decor Inspiration or the Decor Tips sections of our blog for additional tips and ideas.

Let’s Start With an Infographic

Wedding Photo Framed Canvas Print Displayed Above a Sofa

Do you know the ideal height you should be displaying your Canvas Print? What about the recommended distance you should have between the top of your furniture and the bottom of your art? This infographic on how to display your artwork will answer these questions and also provide other useful tips, like how to create balance when planning a gallery wall. 

The Perfect Fit

Displaying Canvas Prints

Posterjack Canvas Prints are available in over 30 different sizes, so displaying your canvas art is easy, regardless of the size or shape of the space you’re decorating. How to Choose the Best Canvas Print Size for Your Space will help you understand your photo’s aspect ratio and how it makes a difference to the print size you choose. You will also get to check out some photo examples of several standard canvas print sizes and what they look like in comparison to each other when displayed on a wall. 

How to Display Canvas Prints Based on the Room

Large Canvas Print Displayed in Stairway

How you display your Canvas Prints can depend on the room you’re hanging them in. For example, it won’t be possible to create a gallery wall of super-sized prints in a small space; conversely, if you have several smaller Canvas Prints, they probably won’t look their best displayed on their own on a large wall. There are also more unique considerations based on specific rooms in your home, like the awkward wall space found in some staircases, or the high-humidity in a bathroom.

Create Your Own Posterjack Canvas Mini Print

From photo selection to planning the space your prints will be displayed in, 5 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall of Family Photos not only provides some great tips and suggestions, but also includes several gallery wall photo examples, including ones shared by Posterjack customers. 

Are you wondering how to display your Canvas Prints in a room with high-humidity, like the kitchen or bathroom? Or perhaps you’d like to know how you can clean your artwork without damaging it? For answers to these questions, and more, check out Are Canvas Prints Waterproof? 

Ah, the dreaded staircase. How do you even decorate that? Staircases are often narrow and dark, and because the walls have different angles than a typical wall, they present unique challenges which often lead to people neglecting this space in their home. But don’t be discouraged, decorating a staircase is easier than you think! Staircase Wall Art: Ideas for Arranging Pictures in Your Stairway has some great ideas to help you display your Canvas Prints beautifully in this awkward space.

Getting Creative

Displaying Canvas Art in Layers

There are endless ways you can add Canvas Prints to your decor, so don’t be discouraged from printing your favourite photos simply because you’ve run out of wall space! You don’t need a big, empty wall in your home to be able to include Canvas Prints in your decor. Although gallery walls look amazing and are definitely a beautiful way to display your photos, there are several alternative ways you can decorate with Canvas Prints. Check out 7 Creative Ways to Include Canvas Prints in Your Decor to find out how.

Speaking of Canvas Prints

Posterjack Canada Canvas Prints on Display

Are you a pre-planner searching out how to display canvas prints before actually ordering the artwork? If you have yet to turn your photos into canvas art, we’d love to take this opportunity to teach you why our Canvas Prints are a favourite for thousands of Canadians, as well as what makes our product stand out from the competition. 

Posterjack Canvas Prints are expertly hand-stretched and made right here in Canada, from our Toronto location. Our goal is to provide Canadians the best canvas prints available, which means we only use premium materials like thick poly-cotton canvas that won’t sag, and kiln-dried Canadian basswood frames that won’t warp. In addition to ensuring the materials we use are second to none, we put just as much effort into making sure your photo looks its best! We print photos using our proprietary PJ-PRINT™ software and world-class printers using green certified HP inks that will not fade for 200 years. The quality and care we put into creating our Canvas Prints means you get a beautiful piece of custom photo art you can proudly display on your wall, and years down the road it will look just as vibrant as the day you got it. 

Here are two blog posts if you’re interested in learning more:

Inside Look: How We Print on Canvas 

The Benefits of Canvas Printing

We’re 100% focused on producing quality photo art and being the best at it, but don’t just take our word for it. Read thousands of real reviews left by customers from across the country to see what they think. You can also visit our Idea Gallery to see photos our customers have shared of their Posterjack art. 

Related: Image of Canada: Every Canadian Needs a Piece of Canada on Their Wall!

Show It Off and Win!

Past Free Prints Friday Winner

Turning your photos into art is an incredible feeling. Seeing your favourite images and memories that you’ve created displayed on the wall is so rewarding, especially when your friends and family see them for the first time and can’t believe that you are the artist behind the print. Once you have your canvas art on display, snap a photo of your artwork and share it with us for a chance to win $150 every month! Check out this Free Prints Friday post to learn more (or check out this post learn about that super-cute winning photo shown above).

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