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How to Create Beautiful Canvas Prints With Your Smartphone Photos

Photo of Child Printed on Canvas by Posterjack Canada

Hey Posterjack! Can you print my phone pictures on canvas? 

This is a question we’ve seen in the past and, chances are, if you’ve stumbled upon this article via a Google search, you’re wondering the very same thing! There are typically two reasons a person is asking this question:

  1. They’re curious whether their phone’s photo is good enough to print on canvas and, if so, how big they can print it.
  2. They’re wondering what the best options are for printing on canvas and how to go about doing so.

Let’s start with the first question.

Is My Phone Photo Good Enough to Print on Canvas?

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t believe their phone photos are good enough to print. This just isn’t the case anymore! You can most definitely print the photos you captured with your phone and get excellent results! It makes us sad to think of all those amazing shots sitting on smartphones across Canada never to see the light of day, simply because their owners didn’t realize their potential. In fact, pretty much all smartphones manufactured these days produce photos that are good enough to turn into an impressive 36”x48” Canvas Print!

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Although you can choose any photo printing company to print your phone pictures on canvas, a few reasons you might want to consider Posterjack are:

  • We have a website that is optimized for use on your smartphone, offering an easy way to order without having to install an app on your phone. You can upload photos that are saved on your phone, or even from your Facebook or Instagram photos.
  • We have proprietary PJ-PRINT software that optimizes your photo for enlargement. This is especially important for photos that can use the extra help to look as sharp and clear as possible, namely those with fewer megapixels/lower resolution 
  • We have a quality rating tool on our website that will analyze your photo and give you a quality score so that you can be confident that it will look good at the size you are planning to print it. You can see an example of this feature in the next section of this article.

Now, let’s look at the other reason someone might be asking how they can print their phone pictures on canvas.

How Do I Get My Picture From My Phone to Canvas?

If you decide to choose Posterjack to turn your photo into canvas, the process is super quick and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: From the Canvas Prints page, click on the Create Your Canvas Print button.

Guide to Printing a Phone Picture on Canvas - Step 1


Step 2: Select the size of canvas you want your phone picture to be printed on. 

Guide to Printing a Phone Picture on Canvas - Step 2


Tip: Posterjack Canvas Prints are available in nearly 40 different sizes, so if you don’t see the size you’re looking for listed here, simply click on the “View All Sizes” square, and then click on any of the Aspect Ratio categories to see the list of available size options and their respective prices. And if you’re looking for something even smaller, you can visit the Canvas Mini product page to create a 5”x7” print on canvas. 

Step 3: Choose the type of edging you’d like for your Canvas Print. You have three options here: 

The most popular option is the Mirrored Edge, which reflects the parameter of your photo onto the sides. This works best for the majority of photos. 

The second most popular option is the Coloured Edge, providing a nice finished look. You can choose any colour or shade you want, which can be great if you’re decorating a room and want to pull colours together within a space.

The third option, Wrapped Edge, is best suited for images that have a wide buffer around the intended subject, as you will lose the perimeter of the photo to the sides of the canvas. 

Guide to Printing a Phone Picture on Canvas - Step 3

Step 4: Click on Upload Photo and then navigate to the photo that’s on your phone that you want to turn into a Canvas Print. 

Guide to Printing a Phone Picture on Canvas - Step 4

Step 5: Edit your photo (optional). Once your photo is uploaded, you will see a preview of what it will look like with the edging option you chose. In this example below, we chose the Mirrored Edge. 

Guide to Printing a Phone Picture on Canvas - Step 5

You can make any edits you’d like, like cropping or applying an image filter to turn your photo into a black and white or sepia image. 

Remember the quality rating tool we mentioned previously? This is where you will see your photo’s score, rated from fair to excellent. If the quality isn’t as good as you’d like, choosing a smaller print size can help. 

This is also where you can check the box to have us auto-enhance your image. Image enhancement is recommended for everyone except professional photographers who have already fine-tuned their images. We run the image through very intelligent automated image enhancement software to make the edits. Our image enhancement process will make significant changes to images that need a lot of help to look their best. The results are incredible! If your image is already very good in terms of exposure, colour and sharpness, the changes made will be very subtle and in some cases may not change at all.

Once you’ve made the edits you’d like to make, click on Next Step.

Guide to Printing a Phone Picture on Canvas - Image Edits & Quality Rating

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Step 6: Choose a frame. All of our Canvas Prints come stretched around a 1.5" thick wooden stretcher frame, so this is what you will receive if you choose No Frame. If you’d like to enhance your Canvas Print, you can also choose to add a Floater Frame. The frame is a solid hardwood and available in three different painted finish colours: black, espresso, and white. 

Tip: If you’d like to see what your Canvas Print will look like with a chosen Floater Frame, simply click on the little question mark to the right of the frame option to see a preview. 

Once you’ve made your selection, you can click on Preview to see a detailed preview of your order. 

Guide to Printing a Phone Picture on Canvas - Step 6

Step 7: Click on Add to Cart to complete your order. 

If you like, you can choose to break your order up into four interest-free payments. 

Shipping is just a flat rate of $9.99 or free on orders over $150! More information, including estimated shipping times, can be found on our Shipping & Production page.

Get Ready to Be Wowed!

Once you complete your order, our Photo Art Experts will get to work turning your phone picture into a beautiful Canvas Print that will arrive on your doorstep ready to hang. We make everything in-house from our Toronto location, so can guarantee your artwork will look amazing. 

Ready to turn your smartphone photo into a Canvas Print? If so, you can get started now by clicking on the big pink button below, or, if you’d like to learn more about our Canvas Prints, we have several blog posts you can check out! Here are a few you might be interested in:

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Make Your Own Canvas Print Now 

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