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Mother's Day Sale 🌷30% OFF SITEWIDE with code: MDAY30 + Bonus Markdowns on Framed Prints ➨

How to Choose the Best Canvas Print Size for Your Space

Various Sizes of Canvas Photo Prints Being Displayed on a Wall

The Perfect Fit

Posterjack Canvas Prints are available in over 30 different sizes, making it easy to find the perfect print—or prints!—for your space. In a moment, we’ll look at several standard canvas sizes and what they look like in comparison to each other when displayed on a wall but first, let’s quickly go over aspect ratios. If you know your photo’s aspect ratio, it will help you decide which Canvas Print size will work best. 

Understanding Aspect Ratio

As we explain in our FAQs, “The aspect ratio of a photo, in its simplest terms, refers to the rectangle size of the image. Photos can be taken as long panoramic rectangles, shorter rectangles, squares, and anything in between. The aspect ratio measurement is a technical way of expressing the exact rectangle size for a photo or image. This is expressed as the relative length of the long edge of the image, compared to the short edge.

So, for example, a square image would have an aspect ratio of 1:1 because the length and width of the image are equal to one another, whereas an 8”x12” or 12”x18” would have a ratio of 3:2. Make sense? Here’s an infographic to help you understand, along with a chart that shows Posterjack Canvas Print sizes grouped into aspect ratios. 

Aspect Ratios

Posterjack Canada Photo Aspect Ratio Comparison Chart


Posterjack Canvas Print Sizes Grouped into Aspect Ratios

Posterjack Canada Canvas Photo Print Sizes Chart

If you don’t know the aspect ratio of your photo, or you want to turn it into a Canvas Print that’s a different size but you’re unsure if it will look good, simply upload it to our website and choose the Canvas Print size you’d like; you’ll instantly be provided with a preview of what it will look like! 

Posterjack Canada Website Screenshot - Uploading a Photo

Popular & Standard Canvas Print Sizes

Although we offer a large variety of options, here’s a look at some of our most popular and standard Canvas Print sizes to help give you a better idea of what they will look like on the wall. 

Standard Canvas Print Sizes Compared on a Wall - Posterjack Canada

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Once you’ve decided on the best Canvas Print size for your space, you can take it one step further if you really want to ensure it’ll be the perfect fit by using painter’s tape to outline the the print size on your wall or by hanging up newspaper cut to the desired print size, like Lisa Favre of Fabulous Habits did when she was getting ready to create a gallery wall with her Posterjack Canvas Prints.

Photo of Newspapers on Wall, Creating a Gallery Wall of Family Photos

[Photo credit:]

Fabulous Habits Gallery Wall of Posterjack Canvas Prints

[Photo credit:]

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For Desks, Shelves, Mantles, and More

Posterjack Canvas Minis, which are available in 5”x7” and 6”x6”, are the perfect size for displaying photos on a desk, shelf, or anywhere that you’d like to add a personal touch to a small space. They’re also a great option for decorating small, narrow wall spaces!

Posterjack Canada Canvas Mini Photo Prints

For Small Walls, Gallery Walls, and Shelves

If you think a Canvas Mini might be a bit small for your space, consider printing your photo on canvas a bit larger, like an 8”x10” or 8”x12”. This size is ideal for bookshelves, small walls, or as part of a larger gallery wall display. If you have a large wall space to decorate, it’s best not to choose a small print size unless it’s being displayed alongside other artwork or multiple prints of the same size. 

Standard Canvas Print Sizes - 8"x12" Photo Example by Posterjack Canada

For Instagram Photos, Gallery Walls, and Small(ish) Spaces

If you want to print your favourite Instagram photos, going with a square canvas print size is probably going to be your best bet. Check out How to Turn Your Instagram Photos into Wall Art to learn just how easy it is to do, as well as to see some fantastic photo art products that will make your photos look their best. 

Larger square Canvas Print sizes are a wonderful option for grid-style gallery wall displays, as well as for smaller walls where you want to display a single photo that stands out and looks amazing. 

Standard Canvas Print Sizes - 16"x16" Photo Example by Posterjack Canada

For Feature Walls, Big Impact

A feature wall, or accent wall, is a space that your eyes are automatically drawn to when you walk into the room. It demands attention, stands out from the other walls in the room, and is often vibrant, featuring elements that are full of colour and texture. Printing your photo on a large canvas print is perfect for a wall like this, whether it’s in your family room, living room, bedroom, or office. If you’ve decided to go with an extra large print size, make sure you go with the best; not all canvas printing companies are created equal! When you choose Posterjack, your Canvas Print will have a beautiful and authentic texture thanks to the woven poly-cotton canvas we use. The colours of your print will be crisp and vibrant, and because we use UV-stable HP inks, it won’t fade for over 200 years. Check out The Benefits of Canvas Printing if you’d like to learn more.

Standard Canvas Print Sizes - 30"x40" Photo Example by Posterjack Canada

There’s No Right Answer

There are endless design options when decorating with photo art, and there isn’t just one right way to do it either. A wall can look equally amazing decorated with a massive 36”x48” Canvas Print or several smaller canvas print sizes. The design process isn’t the same for everyone either, some people like to design the layout first and choose their photos second, while others already have their favourite photos picked out and just need to come up with how they want to display them. Choosing the best print size for your space ultimately comes down to personal preference and decor style. Whatever you decide, if you choose Posterjack to print your photos, you won’t be disappointed. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these reviews left by real customers to see what they think! 

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