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How to Print Pictures From Your Phone & Get Excellent Results

Person Printing a Picture on Phone with Posterjack Canada

These days, most of the photos that we take are with our phones. Not only is it incredibly convenient, but the latest iPhone and Android phones take amazing pictures.

You can definitely print your smartphone photos and get excellent results. Yes, photos captured by your phone will typically be good enough to print, but there are still a few things to consider.

The quality of a digital photo is measured by three things:

  • The pixel density, also known as megapixels
  • The quality of the sensor in the camera
  • The lens 

The number of megapixels is important in determining how large you can print your photo, but most smartphones manufactured these days have enough megapixels to print your photos up to 36”x48”.

Because the camera is an important selling point for smartphone manufacturers, the quality of the sensors and lenses have improved dramatically in the last five years.

But not to worry if you’re using an older smartphone, you can still print your photos!

Although the quality of photo will not be as great as those captured with the latest smartphones available today, they can still be printed, although the finer details in the photo will not be as sharp.

How do I print my iPhone photo?

There are a number of options for printing your iPhone photos.

You could print your photos to a colour printer you have in your home or at work. Many newer printers are Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing you to send your photo directly from your iPhone to your printer without having to transfer it to your computer first.

You can also have your iPhone photos printed by an online photo printing company. Some companies provide an app that you install on your phone and while that may be helpful to some, it’s not needed and requires several extra unnecessary steps (and really, who needs yet another app taking up space on their phone?).

The easiest way is to use a photo printing company which offers the option to upload your photo directly to their website from your phone, and then simply choose the product and size of print you want, and perform any basic edits you might like, such as cropping or converting your photo to black and white.

Once you have your photo as you like and your preferred print chosen, you can easily complete your order and have your phone pictures professionally printed and shipped right to your door.

Behind the Scenes: Posterjack Canada Printing Pictures


How do I print photos from my Android phone?

Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P40 are capable of taking excellent photos. If you have a high-end Android phone, you will be able to print the photos to extra large sizes while maintaining a sharp and clear image.

As with iPhones, most Android phones are equipped to allow wireless printing to your home or office inkjet printer. If you do not have a quality inkjet printer at home, or if you want to print your pictures on something other than standard photo paper, choosing an online photo printing company like Posterjack is a fantastic idea!

What phone is best for printing photos?

While Apple has clearly invested a lot of money into their iPhone cameras and the marketing around their capability, there are many phones on the market that can take excellent photos that can be printed with great results.

The current iPhones come equipped with either two or three lenses, which allow the phones to play with the focal point, and are the key behind the wildly popular portrait mode which allows an iPhone user to focus on a person and blur the background, to give the photo a professional look.

Some manufacturers, like Huawei, have teamed up with camera maker, Leica, to offer incredible features on their phones, like the Huawei P40 Pro+, which boasts four lenses and is capable of 50MP images. So, pretty much any modern smartphone will capture photos that are great for printing.

Which phone is best for printing will ultimately come down to user preference, since they’re all more than up to the task, you really can’t go wrong. 

Will a photo print from my smartphone look as good as a DSLR?

While the current smartphones have cameras that are lightyears ahead of their predecessors, they still can't produce photos that are as high quality as a DSLR camera from the big camera manufacturers such as Nikon and Canon.

Even their entry-level DSLR cameras will produce a better image and that will be evident in the print result. With that said, there is an old adage that "the best camera you have, is the one you have with you.”

So even if you own a DSLR, if you are able to capture a moment with your smartphone, you will still have a high quality image, and if you decide to print it, you will be pleased with the results.

Person Creating Gallery Wall of Pictures Printed by Posterjack


Is Posterjack a good place to print a photo from my phone?

We do think we provide a great option for printing the photos from your phone for a few reasons.

  • We have a website that is optimized for use on your smartphone, offering an easy way to order without having to install an app on your phone. You can upload photos that are saved on your phone, or even your Facebook or Instagram photos.
  • We have proprietary PJ-PRINT software that optimizes your photo for enlargement. This is particularly important for photos from smartphones that can use the extra help to look as sharp and clear as possible.
  • We have excellent customer service that is ready to provide assistance with printing a photo from your phone.
  • We have a quality rating tool on our website that will analyze your photo and give you a quality score so that you can be confident that it will look good at the size you are planning to print it.

Printing Picture From Phone - Quality Rating Score Posterjack Screenshot


[Screenshot of Posterjack website, featuring the photo quality rating tool.]

But don’t just take our word for it! You can read tens of thousands of real reviews left by Posterjack customers here.

How do I print pictures from my phone using Posterjack?

Printing photos from your phone to Posterjack is incredibly quick! You just upload your photo to our website and choose the product you want your photo printed on.

It’s that easy!

After you place your order, our photo art experts will professionally print your images from our Toronto facility and carefully package your new prints and get them shipped to your front door.

Printing Pictures From Your Phone in Three Steps with Posterjack


[Screenshot showing how easy it is to print you pictures with Posterjack.]

Uploading Photos to Posterjack to Print


[Screenshot showing the various options for uploading pictures from a phone to the Posterjack website.]

Picture Uploaded From Phone to Posterjack to Print


[Screenshot of Posterjack website after a picture has been uploaded.]

iPhone Picture Print Preview on Posterjack Canada Website


[Posterjack website showing a print preview before an order is placed.]

Preview of an iPhone Photo Printed and Framed by Posterjack

[Screenshot featuring a print preview of a picture that was uploaded from an iPhone to the Posterjack website. Customers have the option to preview what their picture will look like as any photo art product before they place their order.]

Our Help Centre has a full step-by-step ordering guide should you need any assistance. Ready to get started? You can print pictures from your phone now and we'll have your images ready for you in no time!

Best of all, your prints will be delivered right to your doorstep, so you don't even need to leave home - it's like having your own professional print lab right in your own house! 

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