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Ends at Midnight25% OFF SITEWIDE with code: 25FMDS plus Great Price Markdowns on Canvas Prints ➨

7 Creative Ways to Include Canvas Prints in Your Decor

Canvas Photo Prints Displayed on Shelf

No Wall Space? No Problem!

If you have more photos than you have wall space, it’s okay! You don’t need a big, empty wall in your home to be able to include Canvas Prints in your decor. Although gallery walls look amazing and are definitely a beautiful way to display your photos, there are several alternative ways you can decorate with Canvas Prints, which we’ll get to in just a moment. First, let’s look at how you can enhance your decor by adding texture to the room you’re decorating. 

Canvas & Decor

Posterjack Canvas Prints Room Decor

Adding texture to your decor creates a sense of dimension and visual interest. Incorporating plants, throw pillows, rugs, blankets, and various textiles into your home is a great way to do this. Another way you can add texture to your decor is with Canvas Prints. 

How Canvas Prints Add Texture To Your Decor

Framed Canvas Prints Baby Nursery Decor

Decorating with Canvas Prints is an easy and effective way to add texture to your decor. Three considerations are:

  1. The canvas used
  2. The wood frames
  3. The photo you choose

Let’s take a quick look at each of these points.

The Canvas

Posterjack Canvas Prints are made with a thick poly-cotton textured canvas weave. It looks amazing and does a fantastic job at creating visual interest in a room. Don’t make the mistake of thinking all canvas is created equal either, many other canvas printing companies use cheap polyester canvas that looks very flat and dull.  

The Frame

For the biggest impact, when including texture in decor, it’s best to incorporate a variety of textures and materials. Adding a float frame to your Canvas Print will do just that; the smooth wood next to the textured canvas weave can really transform your space.

The Photo

The possibilities here are endless! You can create the illusion of texture in a room simply by printing a photo that has strong patterns or textures. Another great thing about decorating with photos is that you can include things that might not otherwise be possible to include. For example, you can include a photo of the outdoors in a room with no windows, or a photo of greenery in a room where it’s not possible to have live plants. If you’re still in the process of capturing photos to print on canvas, Including Texture in Your Photography offers several tips and ideas worth checking out.

Add Canvas to Your Decor Now

Including Canvas Prints in Your Decor

Okay, going back to the topic of canvas and decor, here are seven creative ways to include Canvas Prints that go beyond the popular gallery wall.

1. Layer Your Prints

Canvas Photo Prints Layered Decor Look

Add a sense of dimension to the room by layering your Canvas Prints on a shelf, dresser, mantel, or desk. You can group together various sizes with a similar photo theme, layer multiple prints of the same size with different photo themes, or just do your own thing! The added benefit of layering your artwork this way is that it’s super easy to change the layout or swap out one print for another, so updating and refreshing your decor can be done quickly and with minimal effort. 

2. Display Your Canvas on the Floor

Decorating With Canvas Photo Prints Displayed on The Floor

If you’ve run out of wall space but still really want to include Canvas Prints in your decor, you can create an extra large print and display it on the floor, leaning it up against a wall. If you don’t want to have your print directly on the floor, you can also lean oversized prints on low surfaces, like a credenza, bookshelf, or TV console. For another look entirely, you can pair different types of prints in different sizes together, like Canvas Prints with Custom Framed Prints.

3. Add a Pop of Colour

Decorating With Bold Colours and Canvas Prints

If you love colour but don’t want to commit to painting an entire wall a vibrant fuchsia, bright green, or deep turquoise, consider painting a bold strip that’s slightly wider than the Canvas Print you’ll be displaying. This technique works well with both unframed and framed artwork, as well as full colour or black and white images. When decorating this way, you can pull the room together by including other accessories, like throw pillows or candles, in the same colour (painting the base of a Woodstand Print in the same colour would look fantastic!). 

4. Mount Your Canvas to a Bookshelf or Window

Canvas Prints Mounted on a Bookshelf

Have a wall-to-wall bookshelf or really large window? You can display Canvas Prints in front of them for a unique look.  

5. Use Ledge Shelves

Canvas Prints on Ledge Shelves Room Decor

Another great way to include Canvas Prints in your decor is to display them on ledge shelves. You can mix various sizes and styles, or, for a clean and contemporary look, display prints that are the same size with a similar photo theme. Ledge shelves make is easy to refresh your decor without putting more holes in the wall and you can add other accessories too, which is great if you like to decorate for the various seasons - you can keep the same Canvas Prints on display while swapping out a Christmas ornament for a daffodil in a vase, for example. 

6. Create Mini Decor 

Posterjack Canvas Minis - Room Decor Ideas

It’s true what they say: good things come in small packages. You don’t need huge prints to make a big impact in a room; decorating with Canvas Minis can be just as effective. Available in 5”x7” or 6”x6”, these prints look great displayed on any desk, mantel, or shelf. They’re also a great option for small, narrow walls. Remember our tip about adding a pop of colour to your decor with a bold strip of paint and coordinating accessories? Our Canvas Minis have three edging options, one of which is a coloured edge, so you can create a print with edges in the same colour as your paint to help pull all the elements in the room together. 

7. Show Off Your Prints on Mantels & Windowsills

Custom Framed Canvas Photo Print Displayed on Mantel 

Don’t forget about mantels and windowsills! You can easily include Canvas Prints in your decor by displaying them on your fireplace mantel or propping them against a windowsill. If you have an unused, decorative fireplace, you can also display your prints on the hearth. 

Make Your Own Canvas Prints Now

Decorating with Canvas Prints

There are endless ways you can add Canvas Prints to your decor, so don’t be discouraged from printing your favourite photos simply because you’ve run out of wall space! Canvas Prints are a budget-friendly, super versatile, and beautiful way to display any type of photo. They’re also easy to clean and are durable enough to display in humid environments, like the kitchen or bathroom. If you want to learn more about Posterjack Canvas Prints and why they’re the best, check out The Benefits of Canvas Printing. You can also check out our Idea Gallery to see how other Posterjack customers are enhancing their decor with our Canvas Prints! 

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