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30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

Staircase Wall Art and Photo Frame Ideas For Your Stairway

Staircases are often narrow and dark, and because the walls have different angles than the typical wall, they present unique challenges which often lead to people neglecting this space in their home.

But don’t be discouraged, decorating a staircase is easier than you think! Here are some ideas for arranging pictures in your stairway.

1. Stick With a Theme

Ideas for arranging pictures in a stairway with various photo frames

 If you want to mix and match your photo frames, consider sticking with a photo theme to help pull the pieces together.

When you’re arranging pictures in your stairway, choosing a theme can help pull all the individual pieces of art together, creating one larger masterpiece.

Having a theme doesn’t mean you need to have everything uniform with the exact same colours and sizes, although that’s okay too! Here are a few themed ideas you can consider, depending on your decor style and preferences:

  • Same frames, different sizes, different photos. If you have a variety of different photos you’d like to display—black and white, colour, pets, family, vacation photos, etc.—arranging them in the same type of frames will help pull them all together.
  • Different frames, similar photos. If you’d like to mix and match your photo frames, try sticking with a theme for the actual pictures themselves. For example, all black and white images, photos of just your pets, nature photos, or images from a family vacation.
  • Same frames, same sizes, same photos. If you prefer crisp, clean lines when displaying wall art, using the same frames with the same sizes and similar photos may appeal to you.

From our beautiful Gallery Frames made of Canadian ash wood to our stylish Metallic Frames made with an amazing hand-rubbed finish, Posterjack offers a wide variety of Framed Prints, allowing you to create the perfect photo art display for your home and decor style. 

Print Your Own Photos Now

2. Think Outside the Box

Black and white family portraits displayed in a stairway

 Displaying family photos in your staircase can look incredible!

For an added element of interest, be creative in the shape of the layout. Imagine all the individual pieces of art as a whole – would it look good in your stairway arranged in a triangular shape?

Or, if you have a tall, vertical wall at a landing in your stairway, you could try arranging the art in shapes other than the typical rectangular format.

3. Use Peel-and-stick for Narrow Space

Posterjack Peel & Stick Wall Decals Arranged in Stairway


Posterjack Peel & Stick wall decals are a great option for displaying photos in a stairway.

Sometimes when a staircase is very narrow, it can be difficult to hang decor because you’re constantly worried about it getting bumped or knocked off the wall.

This is where Posterjack Peel & Stick wall decals are incredible! They’re thin like Poster Prints, but are made with a linen-based material that can be applied to nearly any surface and can be removed and reapplied up to 200 times, without ever damaging the walls or paint!

These are also an amazing option for those who love to swap out their photos on a regular basis.

4. Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Posterjack Canvas Prints used as Staircase Wall Art


Make a bold statement in your staircase with an extra large Posterjack Canvas Print.

Don’t shy away from displaying extra large wall art in your staircase. Make a bold statement with one colossal piece of photo art, or arrange smaller pieces around the statement piece.

5. Brighten Up a Dark Staircase

For dark staircases that don’t offer a lot of natural light, try displaying your photos in bright, white frames.

Posterjack offers several different products that are available in white frames, like the super glossy Lacquer Frames or the beautiful and modern Loft Frames.

6. Arrange Photo Frames of Different Sizes

Photo gallery wall displayed in a staircase


Arranging black and white photos using the same type of frames in different sizes can look fantastic.

Before getting your art up on the walls, play around with the layout on your floor first. If you still need to purchase your art but aren’t entirely sure which sizes will work in your space, cut out some craft paper—or wrapping paper if you don’t have any—in the sizes you think you want, and work with that.

Once you have a layout you’re happy with, use some painter’s tape to attach the paper to your walls and leave it up for a while to help you decide if it’s what you want.

When arranging pictures in your stairway, imagine a straight line that’s parallel to the angle of the stairs. Arrange your artwork so this invisible line runs down the center of the larger prints, while smaller prints have their corners just touching the imaginary line.

Displaying photo on a ledge shelf in a staircase can look great! Keep in mind, however, that this is more ideal for stairways that aren’t too narrow. You wouldn’t want to keep knocking them over!

Colour Schemes for Your Staircase Wall Art

Decorating your staircase wall with photo frames should also be easy and fun. The right colours can make your photos and art look great.

Here are some ideas to help you choose colours for your staircase gallery wall. These ideas will work whether you have a lot of space or just a little.

  • White and Black Frames: A simple and elegant look. Use white walls and black picture frames. This is great for making photos stand out. It works for all kinds of photos, like family or wedding photos.
  • Wood and Gold Frames: For a warm feel, try wood frames. They add a natural touch. Gold frames are good for adding a bit of shine and elegance. This style is great for vintage frames and artworks.
  • Colourful Frames: If your wall is plain, colourful frames can make it more fun. Use different colours to fill the blank space with life. This is good for creating a fun and lively stairway gallery wall.
  • Mix of Mirrors and Photos: Along with your photos, put some mirrors in. They make the space look bigger and add variety. Use different shapes like oval or square.
  • White Matting for Focus: If you have colourful walls, use white matting in your frames. This helps your favorite photos stand out and adds a clean look.

Remember, your staircase wall is a big part of your house. Use these ideas to make it a fun and interesting space.

Quick and Easy Steps to Hang Your Staircase Gallery Wall

Hanging pictures on your staircase wall might seem tricky, but it's actually pretty straightforward. With the right tools and a bit of planning, you can easily create a beautiful gallery wall on your staircase.

Here are some simple steps to help you get started and make sure everything looks just right.

  • Measure First: Before you start, measure your wall space. This helps you know how much room you have for pictures and frames.
  • Choose the Right Hooks: Use strong hooks for heavy frames. For lighter frames, simple nails or adhesive hooks can work.
  • Start from the Middle: Begin hanging your pictures from the middle of the wall. This helps keep your gallery balanced.
  • Use a Level: A level tool makes sure your pictures hang straight. This is important for a neat look.
  • Keep Space Even: Try to keep the same amount of space between each frame. This makes your gallery look tidy.
  • Use Templates: Cut out paper in the size of your frames. Tape them to the wall first to plan your layout. This way, you can see how it looks before you start hanging.
  • Safe Climbing: When hanging pictures, use a sturdy ladder. Be careful not to reach too far. Move the ladder instead.
  • Ask for Help: If you have big frames or many pictures, ask someone to help. They can hold frames while you hang them.

Remember, take your time to get it right. Your staircase gallery wall will be a great part of your home.


Arranging pictures in your stairway doesn’t need to be overwhelming! In fact, the most difficult part is probably going to be deciding which photos to use!

Whether you are looking for something modern with a versatile design like a Gallery Box, or you want to make a statement with a huge classic Canvas Print, or even a gallery wall of mixed wall art, like an extra large HD Metal Print displayed with several Metal Minis, Posterjack has the wall art you need to decorate your staircase like a pro.

Check out this Photo Art Product Overview to see what else is available!

Do you have photos displayed in your staircase or is it something that’s on your to-do list? Share your own tips and ideas by leaving a comment below!

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