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💦Splash into BIG Summer Savings 💦 25% OFF SITEWIDE with code: SSUM25 + up to 50% OFF Canvas Prints ➨ & Acrylic Prints ➨

How to Make Your Beautiful Flowers Last a Lifetime

Posterjack Canvas Print of Heart-Shaped Flower Bouquet in Vibrant Pink Colours

What do you do when you receive fresh-cut flowers from a loved one? You quickly put them in a vase of water and happily display them on a table, counter, or windowsill. The problem with flowers though is that they don’t last forever. That is, they won’t last forever unless you turn them into Posterjack art! Let us help you preserve your flowers so you can forever enjoy their beautiful arrangement, vibrant colours, and the memory of receiving them.

Preserving Your Flowers Forever With a Photo

If you’re going to preserve your flowers forever by turning them into art, it’s important that you get a decent photo of them. With that said, you don’t need to be a professional photographer or have fancy, expensive equipment to capture print-worthy photos of you beautiful bouquet! By following a few basic tips and techniques, you can get some photos you’re proud of, whether you have a DSLR camera or a smartphone. 

A Photo of a Vase of Flowers Printed and Framed by Posterjack

Hold Steady

If you have a tripod, great! If you don’t have a tripod, that’s okay too, but try your hardest to hold your camera steady by propping your elbows on the table, resting your phone on the counter, or even hold your breath. If your camera isn’t steady when you capture your flower photo, you could end up with an out-of-focus, blurry image. 

Bonus Tip for iPhone Users: To help your iPhone’s camera focus on your flowers, tap the screen where you want the camera to focus. If you want to focus on the flowers but then recompose your image, simply tap and hold on your focal point to lock the focus and exposure values. 

Stunning Flower Photography Turned into Photo Art by Posterjack

Use Natural Light

If possible, use natural light when photographing your flowers. Move them near a window or even outdoors. If shooting outdoors, cloudy days offer great lighting. The golden hours just after sunrise or right before the sun sets is also a good time to capture your shots. If for some reason you’re unable to use natural light, follow these tips for capturing photos in low-light situations. 

Consider Composition 

The purpose of capturing these flower photos is so you can preserve them for life. What you don’t want is to preserve that bottomless pile of laundry in the background or your little one streaking naked across the room in hot pursuit of the cat wearing said naked child’s pants. When getting your flower photos, try filling your frame with the flowers so there is nothing in the background that will take the attention off the focal point. Filling your frame will also highlight the various details of the flower, showing off its beautiful textures, colours, and patterns. 

Close-Up Flower Photo Detailing Water Droplets on Petals

There are times you may not wish to fill your frame, perhaps you want to show off a large bouquet of roses or you like the contrasting textures of the smooth petals of the flower against the rustic surface of your wooden table. If this is the case, then make sure your background is free of anything you don’t want to be looking at years down the road. Also, consider following the rule of thirds for added visual appeal.  

Following these simple tips should help you get some great photos but if you want to learn more, check out Flower Photography Tips & Techniques: How To Take Great Photos for more ideas. 

You Have Your Flower Photo, Now What?

The hardest thing to preserving your flowers forever is getting the photo. Once you’ve got that, turning it into Posterjack art is the fun, easy part! All you have to do is upload your photo to our website and choose the product you want your flower photo printed on. Once you’ve done that, we’ll take care of the rest!

Preserve Your Flowers Forever Now

A few products that will really make your flower photos pop include:

Canvas Prints

The quality of a Posterjack Canvas Print is second to none. In fact, your flower photos will be preserved for over 200 years when they’re turned into Canvas Prints! This is because we print photos on canvas using the Giclée method using original HP Vivera Latex inks, so photos will stay vibrant and will not fade for over two centuries. The Benefits of Canvas Printing will provide you with more information on what makes our prints stand above the rest. 

Preserving Flowers Forever with Posterjack Wall Art

HD Metal Prints

Consider an HD Metal Print for an ultra-premium way to display your flower photos. A favourite amongst professional photographers, our HD Metal Prints will make the vibrant colours, textures, and details of your flowers come to life again. This is a wonderful option if you want to print your flowers at a large scale. 

Can’t decide between the two above options? This HD Metal Prints vs. Canvas Prints comparison can help.

Desk Decor 

If you want to print your flower photos on a smaller scale, any of our desk decor photo art products are up to the task. In fact, our Canvas Minis and Metal Minis are just smaller versions of the products we just mentioned. In addition to these options, we also have Acrylic Blocks and Woodstand Prints. 

Beautiful Flowers Printed on Posterjack Woodstand Prints

Photos From Our Fans

Here are a few flower photos turned into artwork that our community has shared with us. We feature customer photos all the time right on our homepage so you can see real-world examples of all we have to offer. 

Gorgeous Pink Flowers Printed by Posterjack

[Image Source]

Flower Photos Printed by Posterjack

[Image Source]

Posterjack Gallery Box Photo of Dandelion Fluff

[Image Source]

Those Flowers Really Can Last Forever

So the next time you receive flowers—be it for Valentine’s Day, your birthday, anniversary, or just because—don’t resign to the idea that you can only enjoy them for a week or so, preserve them forever by turning them into Posterjack art!

 Preserving Flower Forever with Posterjack


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