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The Benefits of Canvas Printing

A look inside the Posterjack workshop in Toronto, Canada

Printing your digital photos is exciting! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your own photography beautifully printed and on display in your home or office. Although we offer a variety of great products you can print your photos on, we want to focus on the benefits of canvas printing since it is, after all, a big part of what’s helped us grow to become Canada’s Photo Art Experts. 

Top 5 Benefits of Printing on Canvas

1. No Glare

Photos framed behind glass or printed on glossy paper can look stunning when displayed in the right space, but in rooms with a lot of light—be it natural or artificial—the shiny finish can cause glare and reflections, getting in the way of the viewer seeing your photo the way it was intended. Canvas prints, on the other hand, have a satin-matte finish making them the perfect medium to display photos in brightly lit rooms.  

Photo of a child printed on canvas by Posterjack on display in a room

2. Style Versatility

Canvas prints are classic and timeless, making them a natural fit with all decor styles and winning them a spot as one of the most popular photo gift ideas. The versatility also means that they’ll look great in your home for years down the road as your home decorating tastes change.  

Photo of a couple sitting on a bench printed on canvas by Posterjack

3. Budget-Friendly 

One of the most appreciated benefits of canvas printing is the affordability. The cost of printing a photo on a large 24”x26” canvas print, for example, is so much more cost-effective than purchasing a piece of art or painting of similar size. Not only that, it’s so much more rewarding seeing your own photography displayed at such a grand scale! 

Urban cityscape photo printed on canvas by Posterjack and on display

4. So Many Size Options

Canvas prints are available in so many different sizes, it makes it easy to get the exact look you want, whether that’s one single super-sized print or a gallery wall of several smaller prints. Posterjack, for example offers over 30 different print sizes ranging from a small 5”x7” Canvas Mini to an impressive 30”x60” Canvas Print. 

Underwater photo and beach image printed on canvas by Posterjack

5. Nearly Any Photo Looks Good Printed on Canvas

Another great thing about canvas printing is that just about any type of photo you choose to print will look good. Some photo art products have unique characteristics which limit the type of photo you can print on them. Portraits, for example, don’t look their best when printed on a Classic Silver Metal Print because the raw, brushed aluminum shows where there are areas in a photo with low saturation. Canvas prints, on the other hand, will make nearly any photo look its best, with the exception of photos where people are very small.

Posterjack Canvas Prints chart showing suitable types of photos that look good printed on canvas


Make Your Own Canvas Print Now

Top 5 Benefits of Canvas Printing with Posterjack

As you can see, there are several reasons why printing on canvas is a great option, but not all canvas prints are created equal! In addition to the general advantages listed above, here are five benefits of choosing Posterjack to turn your photos into canvas prints. 

1. Longevity

Posterjack Canvas Prints are made with premium materials that are designed to last a lifetime. Other canvas printing companies use solvent-based printers and chemical inks which produce a low-quality product that will fade in less than 10 years. They also use liquid laminates which initially look good, but crack, fade, and turn yellow over time. Posterjack, on the other hand, print photos on canvas using the Giclée method using original HP Vivera Latex inks, so photos will stay vibrant and will not fade for over 200 years. 

Photos printed on canvas by Posterjack

2. Durability

With Posterjack Canvas Prints, it’s not just your photo that will look great for years to come, the actual canvas and frame are also built to last. A lot of canvas prints on the market are made using cheap polyester canvas, but we use premium 405 GSM satin poly/cotton canvas. The custom frame that we professionally stretch your canvas over is made using select Canadian basswood, whereas the other guys often make their frames from plywood or by using cheap frame kits that can bow and warp over time.

Quality handcrafted Posterjack Canvas Print being expertly hand-stretched

3. Beautiful Texture

One of the benefits of canvas printing compared to other photo art products with smooth surfaces, like Poster Prints or Acrylic Prints, is its beautiful textured canvas weave. The texture not only adds a layer of visual interest to your decor, it also helps soften photo imperfections. Posterjack Canvas Prints have a texture that looks amazing, especially when compared to many of the very flat and homogenous-looking canvas prints produced by other canvas printing companies.

Beautiful texture shown on a Posterjack Canvas Print

4. Canadian Made

Posterjack Canvas Prints are made in Canada using Canadian-sourced products. This is something we take pride in and that sets us apart from other photo printing companies. There are other Canadian companies which assemble their products in-house, but they get their materials from China. Our canvas is made in Canada, our wood is Canadian, and the product is printed and expertly handcrafted by Canadians in our Toronto-based shop. 

Canadian-themed Posterjack Canvas Prints on display

5. Eco-friendly

In addition to sourcing their materials from overseas, other canvas printing companies use canvas that is manufactured using harsh chemical brightening agents. Posterjack uses canvas that is whitened using an environmentally-safe process, as well as non-toxic inks. Further to this, we make our frames from select Canadian basswood that comes from renewable sources. 

Ready to Print Your Own Photos on Canvas?

After learning about all the benefits of canvas printing, are you ready to turn your own photos into art? We would love to help you! Check out our Canvas Prints page to learn more about what we offer and to read real customer reviews. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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  • I am wondering if I am able to paint over the canvas prints. In particular, I want to add small acrylic paint embellishments to a part of my print to make it look more like an original. Is this something that I can do or will adding paint ruin the finish?

    Alison on

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