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Top 12 Custom Pet Prints Our Customers Have Made

If you love showing off photos of your pet, you’re not alone! Every day, we’re creating photo art of furry family members from households across Canada. Check out these custom pet prints our customers have shared on Facebook and Instagram. 

Print Your Pet Photos Now

1. Center of Attention 

Ashleigh Welch shared this photo of her Framed Prints on Instagram, saying, “When you have your wedding photos framed and your dog gets top billing, no hesitation.” 

Framed Print of Dog and Wedding Photos

2. Heros With Four Legs

These dapper dudes have been printed on two 11”x14” Canvas Prints which were photographed by Erin Anderson. The two dogs, Watson and Axel, are from Dogs with Wings. Erin tells us, “They are assistant dogs for people with special needs. These dogs will be heroes to the people that they are paired with. They are trained for two years before being placed with their person. Dogs with Wings has a few different programs, it started with sight dogs for the blind, and now they have companion dogs for people with disabilities, autism dogs, and this year they have dogs involved with programs where they go to court with children for comfort and strength. They are an amazing organization and do wonderful things. Each year they have a fundraising Gala, this year was a 1920s theme. So for the silent auction, I did 25 dog photoshoots and put canvas portraits up for auction. I am an Edmonton-based dog photographer and donate my time and skills to many organizations and rescues in the area.”

Canvas Prints of Assistant Dogs Dressed Up

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3. In Remembrance

Sarah Clair shared this beautiful collection of Canvas Prints on Instagram. “Thank you to my amazing hubby for an early valentines gift. I absolutely love it. Nero (black cat) passed away in November and this is a great way to remember him.” 

Gallery Wall of Pet Prints on Canvas

4. Stunning Stallions

Printed on a 16”x20” Classic Silver Metal Print, Shawn Hamilton captured this photo of two Nakota stallions fighting in North Dakota.

Photo of Horses Printed on Metal

5. Forever in Pink Boots

Doesn’t Earl look fabulous in his pink boots? And it’s a good thing too! Posterjack photo art is handcrafted to last a lifetime, so the vibrant colours and sharp details in your pet photos will not fade; years down the road, they’ll look just as great as the day you printed them.

Metal Print of Photo of Dog Wearing Pink Rain Boots and Blue Jacket

6. Close-Ups Worth Capturing

Fawn Hill Co. shared this collection of Fine Art Prints, including a sweet close-up of this pup. 

Posterjack Fine Art Prints of Family and Pet Photos

7. Lovely Little Ladies

This 5”x7” Acrylic Block displays an adorable photo of Carey Belair’s fur babies. 10-year-old Sadie is in the foreground, and her six-year-old sister, Dylan, is behind her. “They were in desperate need of a grooming, but they’re still so cute!”

Pet Photo Printed on an Acrylic Block by Posterjack

8. Home is Where Your Dog Is

We love this gallery wall Jo Alcorn created featuring her doggos. Every workspace can use a few reminders of your four-legged family members.

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Gallery Wall of Dog Photos Printed by Posterjack

9. First Framed Print

Renata Ramasra, or, rather, her pup, shared this photo of their Framed Print on Instagram. What a handsome guy, definitely model material. 

Framed Photo of English Bulldog with Dog Posing Beside Print

10. Best Workspace Ever

Interior designer, Jenaya Crosson, turned one of her favourite pet photos into a Wood Print to display in her workspace and we can’t be certain, but it sure looks like her little lady is posing for the camera. 

Wood Print of Dog Photo Displayed in Office Space

11. Bring the Outdoors In

Kent Nonomura had his pet photo printed as a 12”x24” Gallery Box. He told us, “A few years ago, I started sharing my passion for nature and wildlife through my photography, which has been very well received by so many people. This picture was taken while on a hike in hopes of capturing a beautiful sunset over Lake Muskoka, Ontario, with my dog, Dusty. As it turned out, the clouds rolled in and while we were just sitting there enjoying the beautiful view, I captured this photo of Dusty looking out over the landscape of the Muskoka region. This has to be one of my most favourite pics of him doing what we do so much of. One that just had to be printed.”

Outdoor Dog Photo Printed on Posterjack Gallery Box

12. Printing the Meaningful Moments

This custom pet print belongs to Daniel Thibault. You’re looking at a 20”x30” Photoboard. Daniel tells us, “The shot was taken on île d'Orléans in Quebec. We were having a walk with the dogs in the woods behind my girlfriend’s place to get them moving a bit! It was a nice afternoon with a bit of fresh snow to brighten the landscape. I like to capture moments that are meaningful to us. Since I take my camera with me on every walk, I have great opportunities to capture nice and funny things. I'm a professional harnessed dog sports photographer, who also does corporate work and landscapes.”

Custom Pet Print of Dogs Running Outdoors in Snow

(Im)patiently Waiting

A round-up of pet print photos wouldn’t be complete without including our very own Ginger! Here’s a photo of our girl wanting to handcraft (pawcraft?) your pet photos. What are you waiting for? Turn them into beautiful photo art now! 

Photo of Ginger Dog in Posterjack Workshop

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  • There is always one word to describe the best of life captured by people with a loving heart. WOW

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