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🎁Great Gifts for Dad with 25% OFF SITEWIDE use code: FHD25 + Canvas Print Bonus Markdowns ➨

Trending: Our Layflat Photo Books Are Here!

Premium Layflat Photo Books with Linen, Leather, and Photo Wrap Covers

Our new Layflat Photo Books are here and we couldn’t be more excited. Let’s look at what a Layflat Photo Book is and why we think you’ll love to print your favourite photos in this format. 

What is a Layflat Photo Book?

Unlike a traditional photo book—like our hardcover and softcover options—a Layflat Photo Book is, as its name suggests, a photo book that lays flat when its pages are open. Why is this important? Two advantages are:

  1. It allows you to print a single photo across two pages. If you were to do this with a traditional photo book, you would lose part of your image along the gutter (the center crease along the inside of the book).
  2. Because a Layflat Photo Book's pages can stay open, you can show off your favourite photos more than you could with a traditional photo book. It’s like having endless pieces of photo art you can rotate through, refreshing your decor with new photos whenever you like. They look stunning opened on a coffee table or, another idea, is to display your Layflat Photo Book upright on a shelf, propped in a cookbook stand.

Wedding Layflat Photo Books - Printing Wedding Photos

Premium Layflat Photo Books are Made by Posterjack

We would say that we don’t want to toot our own horn here, but we are so excited to offer these premium photo books, we’re thinking about hiring an entire brass band to tour Canada with the news! 😉 Here are some of the features which we feel make our Layflat Photo Books the best there are in Canada.

  • The sturdy 200 pound matte photo paper is extra thick, so the pages will not curl or bend. 

Thick Premium Quality Paper Used to Make Layflat Photo Books

  • Photos are printed using HP Indigo printing for sharp and accurate photos.
  • They’re eco-friendly, printed using water-based non-toxic inks and GREEN Certified paper.
  • Printed in Canada.
  • Multiple size options to choose from: 8.5”x11” vertical, 11”x8.5” horizontal, 8”x8” square, 10”x10” square, and 12”x12” square. 
  • Available in three cover styles and multiple colours, which means you can customize your photo books to fit in perfectly with your home decor style. 

Let’s take a quick look at our Layflat Photo Book cover styles available:

Photo Wrap - Have your own photo printed directly onto the cover.

Photo Wrap Cover Option for Layflat Photo Book

Leather - Available in four rich colours: black, white, brown, and merlot. 

Leather Cover Options for Layflat Photo Books

Linen - Available in five beautiful colours: red, black, royal blue, pacific blue, and oatmeal.

Linen Cover Options for Layflat Photo Books

Customizing Your Layflat Photo Book

Our Layflat Photo Books are completely customizable, but also super easy to create thanks to our designer tool. And don’t worry, there’s no need to install any apps in order to create your photo book, it’s all done online directly from our website! 

After you choose the size and cover style you want, you just click on the Customize button to open the photo book designer tool. From here, the fun begins! You can choose from several theme options, customizing the template as much or as little as you like. You can simply drag and drop your photos into the preexisting photo boxes and add text where prompted, or you can edit the layout, adding text and photos where you like, change the page’s background colour or pattern, add borders to your photos, or even filters if you like! If you choose the Photo Wrap cover option, you can also add text on the cover and spine of the photo book. 

Screenshot of some of the Layflat Photo Book theme options

[Screenshot of Posterjack's photo book designer tool showing some of the Layflat Photo Book themes.]

Screenshot of Posterjack's Layflat Photo Book designer tool in use

[Screenshot of Posterjack's Layflat Photo Book designer tool in use.]

Adding photos to Layflat Photo Book designer tool

[Adding photos to Layflat Photo Book designer tool is quick and easy.]

If you want to take your time creating your photo book, you can save your progress and go back to it at any time, so it doesn’t need to all be done in one sitting. Once you have your Layflat Photo Book how you want it, you can click on the Preview button to ensure it’s exactly as you like, and once you’re happy with it, add it to your cart and check out. After we print your photo book, we’ll carefully package it up and get it shipped out to you. The process couldn’t be easier. 

Choosing Posterjack for Your Layflat Photo Books

Whether you want to create a Layflat Photo Book full of family adventures, an album with your wedding photos, or a professional portfolio featuring your photography, we hope you’ll choose Posterjack to make it for you. We know you’ll love the quality and will admire your custom photo book for years and years down the road. 

Make a Layflat Photo Book Now


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