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🎁Great Gifts for Dad with 25% OFF SITEWIDE use code: FHD25 + Canvas Print Bonus Markdowns ➨

Fine Art Print vs. Canvas Print: Comparing Photo Art Products

Fine Art Prints versus Canvas Prints - Photo Art Product Comparison

With so many ways to print your photos and artwork, sometimes it can be difficult deciding which is the best product for your particular needs. We’re often asked what the difference is between our Fine Art Prints and Canvas Prints, so thought we’d put together a comparison for you. We’ll look at how these two products are similar, how they differ, when to choose one over the other, and lastly, we’ll share some photos that our amazing customers have shared of their own Fine Art Prints and Canvas Prints!

Fine Art Prints vs. Canvas Prints: The Similarities 

Although a Fine Art Print is a very different product than a Canvas Print, they do have a few similarities if you choose Posterjack to create them for you. Both photo art products are:

  • Made using premium-quality materials and our proprietary photo printing software which creates sharp, crisp prints at a large scale. Our fine-tuned print system ensures colours are accurate, yet vibrant.
  • Created using UL GREENGUARD Gold-certified HP inks that have a fade-resistant rating of 200+ years.
  • Made in Canada from our Toronto print shop, allowing us to have complete quality control.
  • Carefully packaged and shipped to anywhere in Canada for a flat rate of $10, or free on orders over $150.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect piece for your space.

Fine Art Prints vs. Canvas Prints: The Differences

Now let’s take a look at how a Fine Art Print differs from a Canvas Print. 

Print Material & Profile

A Posterjack Fine Art Print is made using thick, acid-free 308 GSM 100% cotton Hahnemuehle Photo Rag, which is one of the world’s best fine art papers. A Posterjack Canvas Print, on the other hand, is made with a thick 405 GSM poly-cotton canvas that has a beautiful textured weave. 

Comparing the two products from the side, a Fine Art Print is a paper print, whereas our Canvas Prints are 1.5” thick because they’re hand-stretched around a kiln-dried Canadian basswood stretcher frame. 

When to Choose a Fine Art Print 

Posterjack Fine Art Prints

Here are some instances when you might want to choose a Fine Art Print over a Canvas Print:

You want more size options. Although Canvas Prints are offered in over 35 sizes, our Fine Art Prints win in this department, with more than 40 different sizes available, including an impressive 40”x60”.  

You have your own frame. Because they’re paper prints, you can place a Fine Art Print in a frame you already have at home.

You change your decor often. Fine Art Prints are more versatile than Canvas Prints if you like to swap out your photos and artwork often. You can order Fine Art Prints whenever you have a new favourite photo and update your existing frames with fresh prints.

You want more frame style options. While our Canvas Prints have a beautiful float frame option (more on that below), when you choose a Fine Art Print, you can have us custom frame it for you in a variety of styles and colours. We offer six different frame styles which are available in several colours, like the trending light walnut Gallery Frame or the modern crisp white Loft Frame. 

You’re looking for a paper print with texture. We offer four different paper print products, but our Fine Art Prints are the best of the best. They’re extremely popular with artists who create prints of their artwork. Check out the reviews to see how much they’re loved! 

Fine Art Print Review from Posterjack Customer

When to Choose a Canvas Print 

Posterjack Canvas Prints with Family Photos

Sometimes a Canvas Print is a better option than a Fine Art Print. Here are some examples of when this might be the case:

You want to display your print in a room with high humidity. Unlike a Fine Art Print (which hasn’t been framed), our Canvas Prints can be displayed in kitchens, washrooms, and high-traffic areas where you might need to wipe your artwork down with a damp cloth. 

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You like the timeless look of canvas. The versatility of a Canvas Print can’t be beat. They fit in with all decor styles and will look great in your home for years down the road, even as your decorating tastes change. 

You want to get in on the floater frame trend. Quickly growing in popularity, a floater frame is a beautiful way to enhance your photo or artwork, without taking center stage; they complement the photo you’re displaying rather than overpowering it. Floater frames for our Canvas Prints have a depth of two inches, are made with solid hardwood, and available in three different painted finish colours: black, white, and espresso. They’re also a great option over a framed Fine Art Print if you like the finished look of a frame but want to display your print in a room where there would be a lot of light that would cause reflections if you were to go with a traditional frame with glass. Which brings us to the next reason you might want to choose a Canvas Print over a Fine Art Print … 

You want your photo framed without glare. Although you can have a Fine Art Print framed, it will be showcased behind acrylic glass, which can cause reflections and glare in rooms that have a lot of natural or overhead lighting. Canvas Prints, on the other hand, have a satin-matte finish making them the perfect medium to display photos in brightly lit rooms.

Check out these Canvas Print reviews to see what customers are saying!

Canvas Print Review from Posterjack Customer

Either Option is Great, Which Will You Choose?

So, if you:

  • Already have a frame
  • Want a big selection of framing choices
  • Are looking to turn your photo or artwork into a super-sized 40”x60” print
  • Are interested in swapping out your prints often
  • Are looking for the best of the best paper print option

… then a Fine Art Print is the product for you! 

But if you: 

  • Want to turn your photo into art that will be displayed in a room with high humidity
  • Need a print that can be wiped down with a damp cloth, like in high-traffic areas
  • Want something that is timeless and versatile
  • Want a print that won’t be hidden by glare and reflections

… then a Canvas Print is the way to go! 

When you choose Posterjack for either of these printing options, you’re getting a premium-quality product that’s made right here in Canada using the best-quality printing materials and equipment. You’re going to receive beautiful photo prints that are vibrant and designed to look amazing for years down the road. To wrap up this Fine Art Print vs. Canvas Print comparison, we’ll leave you with some photos our customers have shared of both types of prints! And, as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team or send us a message on social! 

Customer Photos of Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Print of Fox - Photo by danicrobbins (Instagram)

[Fine Art Print of fox shared by Posterjack customer and Canadian artist, Danielle Robbins.]

Canadian artist, Melissa Jenkins, holding large framed Fine Art Print.

[Canadian artist, Melissa Jenkins, holding a large custom-framed Fine Art Print.]

Framed Fine Art Print of Baby Bear Displayed in Nursery

[Framed Fine Art Print displayed in Natalie Langston's nursery.]

Large Framed Fine Art Print - Posterjack Customer Photo

[Posterjack customer, Scott Campbell, holding a large framed Fine Art Print.]

Customer Photos of Canvas Prints

Canadian artist, Becca Perry, displaying Canvas Print in Art Gallery Exhibition

[Canadian artist, Becca Perry, with one of her Canvas Prints at an art exhibition.]

Photo printed on canvas, photo by Canadian photographer, j.j.nieldmedia[Photo by Vancouver Island-based photographer, j.j.nieldmedia, and printed on canvas by Posterjack.]

Young Posterjack customer showing off family portrait printed on canvas.

[One of Posterjack's youngest customers proudly showing off his family portrait printed on canvas.]

Northern Rockies wildlife photo printed on canvas. Photo by harrisondickie.
[Northern Canadian Rockies wildlife photo printed on canvas with custom floater frame. Photo captured by Harrison Dickie.]
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