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30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

How to Make a Canvas Print Look Like an Original Painting

Canadian artist, Becca Perry, standing with her Posterjack Canvas Print of her original painting.

[Canadian artist, Becca Perry, standing with a Posterjack Canvas Print of her original painting at an art show.]

Canvas prints are a popular way to showcase artwork, but what if you could elevate them to look like genuine hand-painted masterpieces?

From choosing the right image to incorporating texturizing techniques, here are several tips and techniques to enhance your canvas prints, providing them with the allure and charm of an original painting.

Choose the Right Image

Artwork Printed on Canvas - Posterjack Customer Photo

["Second order and will order again! This is the second time ordering from Posterjack and I'm more than pleased with the quality and timing of delivery! Love my canvas prints!" 5-star review and photo shared by Renee T.]

Although most images will look great when printed on canvas, if your intention is to have the canvas print look like an original painting, selecting the right type of image is important. Ensure it has a high enough resolution that it will look sharp when printed at your chosen size. 

Tip: If you’re unsure about the quality of your image, you can simply upload it to the Posterjack website, choose your Canvas Print size, and you will be provided with a quality rating score. 

If you’re not printing your own artwork, you can still create a canvas print to look like an original painting. Consider exploring digital marketplaces like Etsy, where talented artists offer their work for download. By choosing a carefully crafted digital painting, you set the stage for a canvas print that mirrors the authenticity of an original artwork.

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Choose the Right Frame

Canvas Print of Original Painting by Kerry B

["Print Quality-Amazing. I do some very detailed paintings and find Posterjack's print quality to be second to none. Highly recommend them!" 5-star review and photo shared by Kerry B.]

Selecting the appropriate frame can significantly impact the perception of your canvas print. Wooden floater frames are an excellent choice as they add prestige and a classic touch, resembling the frames used for traditional paintings.

Ensure that the frame complements the colours and style of the artwork, enhancing the illusion of an original painting.

Another great thing about floater frames is there is no glass covering the artwork, so the viewer can really appreciate the texture and details of the artwork being printed. 

Play with Lighting

Original Painting Printed on Canvas by Posterjack - Customer Photo

["Love it! My print looks amazing and it came so quickly too. Thank you!" 5-star review and photo shared by Veronica H.]

Effective lighting can make a world of difference in bringing out the depth and colours of your canvas print. Experiment with different lighting setups to find the perfect balance.

Avoid harsh, direct light that may create unwanted glare, and instead opt for softer, ambient lighting to highlight the details and nuances, making your canvas print appear more like an authentic painting.

Print from a Reputable Company like Posterjack

Printing Artwork onto Canvas in Toronto at Posterjack's Print Shop

[A behind-the-scenes look inside the Posterjack print shop in Toronto. We make all of our Canvas Prints in-house for complete quality control.]

When it comes to turning your canvas print into a work of art, the quality of the print itself is paramount. Choosing a reputable printing company, such as Posterjack, ensures that your print meets the highest standards.

When you see your Posterjack Canvas Print for the first time, our commitment to quality becomes evident. We handcraft all of our Canvas Prints in-house from our Toronto print shop using premium-quality materials and world-class equipment.   

  • We use extra-thick poly-cotton canvas that has a gorgeous textured weave and will not sag over time. 
  • The stretcher bars we wrap your canvas around is 1.5-inches thick and made from kiln-dried Canadian basswood, so they will not warp. 
  • The inks we use are rated to be fade-resistant for over 200 years, so the colours of your artwork will remain true and vibrant for centuries. 

If you intend on enhancing your canvas print with a frame, our floater frames will help your artwork look phenomenal. Because it won’t be displayed behind glass, there won’t be any reflections or glare that dull or mask the details in your artwork.

Floater frames for our Canvas Prints have a depth of two inches, are made with solid hardwood, and are available in three different painted finish colours: black, white, and espresso. 

These qualities provide a solid foundation for achieving a canvas print that looks like a genuine painting.

Texturizing Techniques

Artwork printed on canvas - Posterjack customer photo

["Digital paintings printed on canvas. The prints exceeded my expectations. The quality was amazing. I will definitely order again and again." 5-start review and photo shared by Posterjack customer, Fernando A.]

To truly capture the essence of an original painting, consider adding texture to your canvas print. Clear gels or impasto techniques can be applied to simulate brush strokes and paint thickness, creating a tactile and visually appealing surface.

Experiment with different texturizing methods to find the one that best complements your chosen image, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your canvas print.

A note of caution: If you're considering hand-embellishing your canvas print, doing so will void any warranty should your embellishments damage the inks or materials of the original Canvas Print.


Canvas print made from original artwork - photo shared by Posterjack customer.

["Flawless canvas print. Definitely happy with the finish product, love the textured look and feels like a real painting on canvas. Frame work is also on point. Amazing print work!!!!" 5-star review and photo shared by Posterjack customer, Edgar C.]

Transforming a canvas print into a convincing original painting involves a combination of careful choices and creative techniques. Start by selecting the right image, complement it with an appropriate frame, and experiment with lighting to enhance its visual impact.

Printing with a trusted company like Posterjack ensures a solid foundation, while texturizing techniques can add that final touch of authenticity. Our commitment to quality makes us the perfect choice for bringing your vision to life, creating a canvas print that truly stands out as a unique and captivating masterpiece.

Here are a few more photos and reviews of Posterjack Canvas Prints that our customers have shared:

Posterjack customer Sarah D artwork printed on canvas.

["Never Disappointed. An absolutely fabulous small business that produces exceptional reproductions. I use them for my high end canvas prints for my artwork and I am always amazed at how perfect their renderings are. Their team is a pleasure to do business with." 5-star review and photo shared by Sarah D.]


Painting printed on canvas - Posterjack customer photo

["It is seriously gorgeous. I have tried other canvas prints elsewhere and the colour is ALWAYS off. Posterjack literally kept all the richness and saturation of the original illustration, and the clarity is awesome. The framing was done exceptionally well. I will DEFINITELY be back." Photo and comment shared by Christy Litster on Instagram.]

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