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Photo Books vs. Photo Albums

Family looking at photo books together in the living room.

For many of us, the way we preserve our memories has evolved from dusty photo albums to sleek, customized photo books.

But what are the differences between photo books and photo albums? Each offer a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

In this article, we look at the characteristics, benefits, and considerations of both formats, helping you make an informed decision about how to preserve your cherished moments.

What is a Photo Book?

Posterjack Layflat Photo Books

Photo books are a contemporary way to compile and showcase your photos. They are designed to tell a visual story, combining images with text and graphics.

The structure of a photo book typically includes high-quality paper, a professionally bound cover, and a seamless layout that ensures a visually appealing narrative.

The customization process for photo books is extensive. A person can select from various themes, layouts, and backgrounds, adding a personal touch to every page. This makes photo books suitable for a wide range of uses, from wedding photo books to travel diaries.

If you choose Posterjack to create your photo book, you won’t be disappointed. We offer three main photo book styles—Softcover, Hardcover, and Layflat—that come in several sizes with the number of pages being fully customizable.

Your photos are printed using HP Indigo inks, which are water-based and non-toxic, and our proprietary printing software, so your images are sharp, accurate, and vibrant.

With our Hardcover and Softcover Photo Books, you can customize your photo book to have as few as 20 pages or as many as 120 pages, which are made with a sturdy 100-pound photo paper.

Posterjack Hardcover Photo Books come in five different sizes, while the Softcover Photo Books come in six different sizes, and both are professionally-bound and made right here in Canada. 

If you're looking for an ultra-premium photo book option, you'll love our Layflat Photo Books. Your photos are printed on thick 200-pound matte photo paper and because of the design of the book and how it lays flat when open, you can print a single image across two pages.

Our Layflat Photo Books are available in multiple sizes and you have the choice of three gorgeous cover styles: photo wrap, linen, or leather.

What is a Photo Album?

Old Photo Album

Photo albums, on the other hand, are the classic method of storing and displaying photographs.

Traditionally, they consist of physical albums with pockets or slots for inserting printed photos. The simplicity of a photo album lies in its straightforward design, allowing a person to arrange photos in chronological order or based on themes.

The customization options for photo albums have expanded with the advent of digital printing. It's now possible to personalize covers, add captions, and choose from various sizes and materials.

Benefits of a Photo Album

Old photo album and photos

One of the significant benefits of a photo album versus a photo book is the flexibility to rearrange photos.

You can easily take out and move pictures, creating a dynamic and interactive experience as you curate the order of your memories.

Creating a photo album is a hands-on process that involves selecting and arranging physical prints.

Some individuals enjoy the manual aspect of assembling an album, adding a personal touch to the creation.

Benefits of a Photo Book

Person looking at a photo book.

Opting for a photo book comes with its own set of advantages. One key benefit is the archival longevity that high-quality materials provide, ensuring that your memories withstand the test of time.

The simplicity of the creation process, thanks to user-friendly customization tools, is another advantage.

Moreover, photo books can be a cost-effective option, especially when considering the professional appearance and durability they offer.

Photo Books vs. Photo Albums

Let's compare photo books and photo albums side by side.


Photo albums are generally more budget-friendly, making them accessible to a wider audience. Photo books, while slightly pricier, often justify the cost with their professional finish and durability.


Photo books made with high-quality materials tend to have better archival longevity compared to traditional photo albums. The durability ensures that your memories are preserved for generations to come.


Both formats offer customization options, but photo books provide a wider range of creative possibilities since you can digitally enhance every aspect of the book, from colours and text fonts to photo sizes and layouts. 

Creation Experience 

Photo books score high in terms of simplicity and ease of creation, thanks to user-friendly interfaces. Traditionalists may enjoy the hands-on experience of assembling a photo album.

But Which Option is The Best?

Preserving memories with a photo book.

Photo books and photo albums both have their merits, but photo books offer several distinct benefits that make them a popular choice for preserving and showcasing memories. Here are seven reasons you may like to choose a photo book over a photo album.

1. Longevity

High-quality photo books are often made with archival-grade materials, ensuring longevity and protection against fading or deterioration over time. This makes photo books a reliable choice for preserving memories for generations.

2. Professional Appearance

Photo books, especially those created through professional printing services, have a polished and professional appearance. The pages are typically printed on high-quality paper, and the cover is professionally bound, giving the entire book a cohesive and refined look.

3. Customization Options

Photo books offer extensive customization options, allowing a person to choose from various themes, layouts, and backgrounds. You can add text, captions, and graphics, creating a personalized and visually appealing narrative that suits the specific theme or occasion.

4. Simplicity of Creation

Creating a photo book is often a straightforward and user-friendly process. Online platforms and software make it easy to upload photos, arrange them in a preferred order, and customize the layout. This simplicity makes photo books accessible to a wide range of people.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

While the initial cost may be slightly higher than that of traditional photo albums, photo books can be cost-effective in the long run. The professional appearance, durability, and archival quality justify the investment for those seeking a premium product.

6. Storytelling Flow

Photo books are designed to tell a visual story cohesively. The layout, sequencing of images, and overall design contribute to a storytelling flow that enhances the narrative aspect of the memories being shared.

7. Durability

High-quality photo books, especially those produced by reputable printing services, are durable and resistant to wear and tear. The binding is designed to withstand repeated use, making them a sturdy option for preserving memories.

An Exciting Way to Preserve Your Memories

A softcover photo book with a child's artwork and photo on the pages.

While both photo books and photo albums have their place in memory preservation, the benefits of a photo book—such as archival longevity, professional appearance, customization options, and storytelling flow—make them an attractive option for individuals looking to create a lasting and visually stunning record of their cherished moments.

We would love to help you create a photo book and are confident that our commitment to quality will shine through in every page. Get excited and start creating the best photo book you’ve ever seen! 


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