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30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

Enhance Your Photos & Artwork with Float Frames

Examples of Floating Frames - Gallery Boxes by Posterjack Canada

Float frames, which are often called floating frames or floater frames, are growing in popularity, and fast. They’re a beautiful way to enhance your photo or artwork, without taking center stage; they complement the photo you’re displaying rather than overpowering it. 

What is a Floating Frame?

A float frame is a box frame which the photo sits in. There’s a small gap between the frame and the print, giving the illusion of the photo floating within the frame. One of the main advantages to this style of frame is that the photo is not hidden in any way. With traditional frames, the edges of a photo can be hidden by the frame or matting. 

From classic canvas to modern acrylic, you can display a variety of different photo art products in a floating frame, making it a great option regardless of what your decor style may be. 

Floating Frames for Canvas

Canvas Prints with Floater Frames on Display in Living Room

If you intend on displaying your photo in a room with a lot of natural or overhead light, a float frame with a Canvas Print can be a better option than a traditional framed photo because your image won’t be displayed behind glass, so there won’t be any reflections or glare against your photo. Floater frames for our Canvas Prints have a depth of 2”, are made with solid hardwood, and available in three different painted finish colours: black, white, and espresso. 

Did you know that all of our Canvas Prints are handcrafted in-house from our Toronto location? Because of this, the hand-cut stretcher frames which the canvas wraps around can vary in size ever so slightly, which means there can also be a small variance in the gap size between the print and the floater frame, from 1/8” to 1/4”.

If you want to learn why Posterjack Canvas Prints are the best in Canada, check out this guide to getting the best canvas prints ever!

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Acrylic Floating Frames

White Float Frame with Acrylic Print by Posterjack Canada

If you’re looking for a way to display your photo that’s incredibly vibrant and modern, an Acrylic Print with a modern float frame is the way to go. Because your photo is printed on the backside of the acrylic, you are looking through 1/4” of 99.9% optically pure acrylic, which gives your image a depth that has to be seen in real life to be fully appreciated. It’s as though your image is magnified and being viewed in super high definition. When you add a float frame to your print, the depth and dimension is unbelievable. Your Acrylic Print will be mounted flush with the front edge of the solid wood float frame. The gap between the print and the frame is approximately 1/8”. The frame has a depth of 1.75” and is available in four colours: black, white, espresso, and silver. 

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Other Floating Picture Frames

Brushed Silver Metal Prints with Float Frame Colour Options, Posterjack Canada

In addition to our floating frames for canvas and acrylic, Posterjack also offers this style of frame with four more of our products:

With all four of these options, the float frame is 1.75” deep, made of solid poplar wood, and available in four colour options: black, white, espresso, and silver. The gap between the print and the frame is approximately 1/8”.

Floating Wood Frame Size Options

Floating Wood Frames - Posterjack Canada Gallery Boxes 

Regardless of which photo art product you decide to frame, all of our floater frames are made from poplar wood. The raw hardwood is Canadian sourced and the moulding and painting is done right here in Ontario. 

Because of the thickness of our wrapped Canvas Prints, the floater frames for this product are a little different from the other float frames we offer in order to accommodate the canvas sitting within the frame. This means that the available sizes for our Canvas Print floater frames aren’t the same as what we offer for Metal, Photoboards, Gallery Boxes, and Acrylic floating frames. A 10”x10” floating frame, for example, can be added to all of the above mentioned products, except the Canvas Prints. With that said, there are over 30 different Canvas Prints sizes that you can add a floater frame to! A few of the most popular sizes include 8”x12”, 16”x24”, 24”x36”, and 30”x40”. For a full list of available sizes, just click on the Pricing tab of any of the product pages to see what’s offered. 

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Examples of Float Frames From Across Canada 

As always, we love sharing photos from our customers! Here are a few that feature our float frames paired up with canvas, acrylic, metal, and more! 

Canvas Prints with Black Floater Frames

Posterjack Canada Customer Photo of Canvas Prints with Floater Frames

"Pretty stoked on this 8 piece set to complement a newly renovated office for a client here in Fort Nelson. I am always thrilled that others take interest in displaying my work. This was a customized order in which I worked closely with the client to find what would best suite their office space with options for budget and local content in mind. 28x36”, 20x30”, 16x24” canvas with black floater frame. #shoplocal" @_ryandickie

Acrylic Prints with Standard Black Frame & White Modern Float Frame

Posterjack Canada Customer Photo Feature - Acrylic Prints with Standard Black Frame & White Modern Float Frame

"Just received these acrylic prints of my original pieces framed and beautifully done by #posterjack! Now to get them displayed somewhere! #newfoundlandart" @roselledoyle_art

Brushed Silver Metal Print with silver Modern Float Frame

Posterjack Canada Customer Photo Feature - Brushed Silver Metal Print with Silver Modern Float Frame

Jeff M

Photoboards with Black and White Float Frames

Posterjack Canada Customer Photo Feature - Photoboards with Black and White Float Frames

"Hung two of my photos of Elbow Falls, printed and framed by Posterjack." @donaldm314

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