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10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram

Canada. The true north strong and free. Instagram is full of breathtaking and incredible photos of our glorious country. These 10 Canadian photographers--listed in no particular order--are getting a huge shout-out from us! 

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1. erikmcr

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Erik McRitchie's landscape and nature photos are absolutely breathtaking. But it's not just the great outdoors that Erik is amazing at capturing; he also photographs families and weddings. As a way to give back to his community and to lift spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic, Erik started capturing porch portraits free of charge to his community, saying, "It’s been SOOO encouraging seeing so many families laughing and sharing these moments together. These photos won’t make all of our collective problems go away but my hope is that they can shift our focus onto something a little more positive if even just for a few minutes. Who knows maybe these might inspire others to use their gifts to help someone else too!"



2. famous_amos_photography

Living in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Amos Wiebe has a passion for landscape and nature photography. His photos are absolutely incredible and really illustrate just how stunning our country is.


3. JustaJeskova

Justa Jeskova is a professional outdoor lifestyle photographer who enjoys capturing photos in and around Whistler, BC. Her photos have been published in several local and international magazines, and it’s easy to see why!



4. hollysisson

Holly Sisson is a Toronto-based photographer who specializes in photographing people in a natural way, using natural light. She’s also extraordinarily talented at time stack photography, which is where the photographer captures a series of photos from the exact same position at different times, and then layers them together to create a single image.

A post shared by Toronto, Canada (@hollysisson) on

A post shared by Toronto, Canada (@hollysisson) on


5. yancophotography

Based in Victoria, BC, Andrew’s images of Vancouver Island are absolutely stunning. He’s also a Transport Canada certified drone pilot, so has the opportunity to capture aerial images of the Pacific Northwest that are truly unique and inspirational. 


6. dougclementphotography

A lifetime resident of Victoria, BC, Doug Clement specializes in panorama and HDR photography. His photos from in and around Victoria are simply amazing.



7. viktoriahaack

Based in Salmon Arm, BC, Viktoria Haack is a freelance photographer focused on editorial, landscape, wedding, and portrait photography. Each and every one of her photos have a wow-factor to them, it’s easy to see why she has 190K followers on Instagram! 


8. markjinksphoto

A freelance photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Mark Jinks captures stunning images of the prairies, Rocky Mountains, northern lights, wildlife, and so much more. His photos are absolutely breathtaking and do an amazing job at showcasing the beauty of Alberta.


9. vonwong

From Montreal, Quebec, Benjamin Wong is an extraordinary photographer with a unique talent for capturing hyper-realistic images. Ben’s photos are so incredible, you’d swear they were photoshopped, but he really does go to extreme heights, plays with fire and sharks, and chases storms to capture the perfect photo!


A post shared by Benjamin Wong (@vonwong) on

A post shared by Benjamin Wong (@vonwong) on

A post shared by Benjamin Wong (@vonwong) on


10. scottcbakken

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Scott captures photos of people, community, and adventure. His photos show us not just how beautiful his own province is, but also the rest of the country.


A post shared by scottcbakken (@scottcbakken) on

A post shared by scottcbakken (@scottcbakken) on

A post shared by scottcbakken (@scottcbakken) on


Who’s your favourite Canadian photographer on Instagram? Leave a comment to let us know, and be sure to follow us on Instagram too!

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