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Top 10 Reasons to Splash Out on a Posterjack Acrylic Print

Beach Photo Acrylic Print on Display in Living Room - Printed by Posterjack Canada

Although Acrylic Prints are one of our most expensive photo art products, there are several reasons why splurging on this photo art product is a solid investment. 

Why Printing on Acrylic is a Great Idea

Here are the top ten reasons you should consider treating yourself to a Posterjack Acrylic Print.

10.  Premium Display

The gold standard of high-end photo display, printing photos on acrylic was once only used by professional photographers like Peter Lik, who sell their Acrylic Prints for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

9. Unbeatable Wow-Factor

Acrylic Prints have a wow-factor like no other. The colours are incredibly vibrant, making your image pop like no other photo art product on the market. 

Person Holding Summer Photo Printed on Acrylic by Posterjack Canada


8. Made to Last a Lifetime (or Three!)

Acrylic is a natural UV inhibitor and the acrylic we use when printing your photo is 1/4”-thick, so it’s extremely protective. Your Posterjack Acrylic Print will last over 200 years! 

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7. Modern Style

If you choose the Float Mount or Stand-off Kit to display your Acrylic Print, you get a clean, modern, and streamlined look that highlights the photo without any distraction.

Acrylic Print Displayed in Modern Home

6. Incredible Depth

Because your photo is printed on the backside of the acrylic, you are looking through 1/4” of 99.9% optically pure acrylic, which gives your image a depth that has to be seen in real life to be fully appreciated. It’s as though your image is magnified and being viewed in super high definition. 

Side-View of Acrylic Photo Print

5. Fantastic Selection of Sizes 

We can print your photo on acrylic in a size as small as an 8”x12” or as massive as a 36”x48, which is a great option if you’re looking for a stunning piece of art that will be the focal point of a room. 

Horse Photo Acrylic Print Displayed in Room

4. Better Than Glass

Although you can have your images printed on glass and get a similar effect, printing on acrylic has always been the better choice because of its durability—it can’t shatter or fracture—and it has UV inhibiting properties, whereas glass has absolutely no UV blocking, which means your image will fade over time if you choose to print it on glass. 

3. Versatility in Hanging

At Posterjack, you can choose from four different hanging options making your print fit in perfectly with your style and decor: 

  • The most popular and incredibly sleek hidden Float Mount makes your Acrylic Print look like it’s floating 1/2” off the wall.

Acrylic Print Float Mount Hanging System

  • Our Standoff Kit offers a bold, industrial look that firmly secures the print to the wall (which is great for commercial applications).

Acrylic Print Standoff Kit Hanging System

  • Our Standard Frame is a great option if you prefer to add extra substance to your Acrylic Print in order to match your decor or anchor it against the wall.

Acrylic Print with Standard Frame Displaying a Photo of a Person with Their Dog

  • Our top-of-the-line Modern Float Frame will turns your print into a piece of art exactly as they would frame it in a gallery. 

Acrylic Print Float Frames

In addition to these hanging options, smaller Acrylic Prints can have a built-in aluminum easel installed on them so they can easily be displayed on a shelf, desktop, or table. 

Acrylic Print with Built-In Aluminum Easel for Easy Display

2. Experience

Posterjack started making Acrylic Prints in 2012. Since then, we have produced over 35,000 Acrylic Prints! Even better, the same Posterjack employees that started producing them in 2012 are still making them in 2021. That is what you call experience!

Posterjack Canada Team Photo

1. Posterjack Quality - Always Canadian Made

We have perfected the Acrylic Print and refuse to cut corners, so we will always provide you with the best Acrylic Print you can buy. We use OPTIX 99.9% optically-pure acrylic that is 1/4”-thick. Many other photo printing companies use 1/8” acrylic which, at half the thickness, is flimsy. Our Acrylic Prints come standard with a white opaque backer sheet to seal in the image.  We cut each piece of acrylic using a Swiss-made digital cutting machine for perfectly honed edges.  And the print quality is unsurpassed on our high-end swissQprint system - Posterjack is the only photo printing company in Canada who has invested in and uses this top-of-the-line technology! 

Acrylic Print of a Photo of a ChildHolding a Skateboard and Smiling

What Posterjack Customers Think of Acrylic Prints

So that rounds up the top 10 reasons we think you should treat yourself to an Acrylic Print. But don’t just take our word for it! You can read tens of thousands of reviews from verified buyers, published right on our website! You can also visit our Idea Gallery to see photos our customers have shared of the Acrylic Prints they created. Are you ready to turn your favourite photos into custom artwork you'll love looking at every day and be excited to show off? You can get started by clicking on that big pink button below, or keep scrolling to see some of those incredible customer photos we were just talking about.

Print Your Photo on Acrylic Now

Acrylic Print Reviews from Posterjack Canada Customers

[Click on any photo below for image credit.]

Posterjack Canada Customer Photo of Acrylic Print

Gallery Wall of Acrylic Prints - Photo by Posterjack Canada Customer

Vibrant Photos Printed on Acrylic - Posterjack Canada Customer Photo

Sunset Photo Printed on Acrylic by Posterjack Canada - Customer Photo

Gallery Wall of Acrylic Prints - Posterjack Canada Customer Photos

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