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The 5 Best Metal Print Services

Enjoy flat rate shipping for only $10 and free shipping on orders over $150* when you make prints of your original artwork and paintings with Posterjack. Get started today! 

Brushed Aluminum Metal Print Displayed on an Office Wall

Metal prints can be a stunning way to display your favourite photos and artwork. They have a shiny, sleek vibe that's great for today's designs. They catch the light in a special way, making photos look really bright and lively.

If you have a place where lots of people walk by or where there's moisture, like a bathroom or kitchen, metal prints are tough and can handle it. And if your photo has super bright colors? On metal, they'll look even brighter.

In this article, we’ll look at considerations when choosing a metal print service—important factors like print quality and display options—and then provide a list of some photo printing companies which offer metal prints.

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The Best Metal Print Services

Posterjack Metal Print Displayed in an Office

1. Posterjack

Posterjack is the first company in Canada to start printing and selling metal prints to consumers. 

We offer three main metal print types—HD, Matte White, and Classic Silver—which are available in a variety of hanging and framing styles.

Our HD Metal Prints come in 24 sizes, while our Matte White and Classic Silver Metal Prints have over 40 different sizes to choose from! 

With a fade-resistance rating of 100+ years, our HD Metal Prints are created using a process called dye-sublimation. This means your photo is reverse-printed using unique transfer papers and dyes.

It’s then placed over the Chromaluxe metal panel which has a special coating on it. Using a heat press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the sublimation dyes are converted to a gas and transferred to the metal at a molecular level.

Since the dyes have been infused into the metal, your HD Metal Print will not fade, peel, or crack under normal conditions.

Our Matte White Metal Prints and Classic Silver Metal Prints are printed using advanced SwissQ print equipment and GREENGUARD Gold-Certified inks.

We use 3mm aluminum panels and every Metal Print is rated to be fade-resistant for over 200 years. 

Each of these Metal Print types have their own unique look and characteristics. 

Brushed Silver Metal Print, Photo of Surfing Dog

[Photo of a Classic Silver Metal Print. "It’s so cool to see Posterjack prints in the wild and even cooler to hear the stories behind the photos people choose to print. This doggo is a local, hanging ten on the beaches of Victoria!" Image Credit]

When you choose a premium photo printing service, metal prints possess the power to transform your favourite photos and artwork into captivating displays.

Our commitment to providing the utmost best shines through in every metal print we produce, ensuring your memories are not just printed, but elevated to extraordinary levels of brilliance.

Our dedication to exceptional quality, innovative techniques, and unmatched customer satisfaction ensures that your cherished memories are transformed into captivating metal prints.

But don’t just take our word for it! You can check out thousands of reviews here and then head over to our Idea Gallery where you can see photos our customers have shared of their own Posterjack Metal Prints. 

Gallery Wall of Metal Prints Shared by Posterjack Customer

[Customer photo featuring a gallery wall of Posterjack Metal Prints. “It is done! I'm in love 😍 😄 Thanks Posterjack.” Image Credit]

Posterjack Customer with Metal Print

[Posterjack customer with their Metal Print. "Maggie showing off her photo 'Pine by Water'." Image Credit]

Although we hope you’ll choose Posterjack to print your photos on metal, we understand you have a lot of services to choose from.

We work hard to ensure we’re providing the absolute best of the best and are confident our metal prints are second to none. Nevertheless, here are some other services which offer metal prints. We’ve saved the best for last. 

2. Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab offer metal prints in 17 different sizes and four different mounting options. Their metal prints are 2mm thick and are finished with a protective white gloss.

The company cautions that their metal prints must be handled with care in order to avoid surface scratches.

Every print is unique thanks to the metal substrate used during production which results in small bumps and imperfections. 

3. Printique

From the standard rectangle and square print to more creative oval and heart-shaped prints, Printique offer a variety of sizes and shapes, giving you the freedom to tailor your metal prints to your liking.

They use dye-sublimation, which infuses the inks into the metal, offering a print that is durable and fade-resistant. 

4. Mpix

Mpix offer a variety of metal print sizes with both matte and glossy finishes.

Their prints are about 1.5mm-thick and photos will be printed using the dye-sublimation process and can be printed on either a white or metal base with four hanging/framing options.

5. BestCanvas

Offering nine different print sizes, BestCanvas’s metal prints are made using UV-resistant inks. The metal itself consists of two thin aluminum panels with a black, plastic core. 

What to Consider When Purchasing a Quality Metal Photo Print

1. Print Quality

The most important consideration when choosing a metal print service is the quality of the print you’re going to receive.

Look for a service that uses premium-quality inks and materials so that your metal prints will stand the test of time and look vibrant and beautiful for years down the road.

To understand what you’re purchasing, the print service should provide details on their website about the materials and printing processes they’re using. If they don’t, that could be a red flag that they’re not using the best materials and/or equipment available.

If in doubt, you can always reach out to their support team to ask any questions you have. 

2. Material and Finish Options

Different metal types and finishes can greatly impact the final look of your print.

Consider whether you prefer the modern sheen of aluminum or the unique texture of brushed metal.

Also, check if the service offers matte or gloss finishes to suit your preference.

3. Customization

A good metal print service should offer a wide range of print sizes, as well as various options for metal types and hanging and framing choices.

This enables you to customize your print so that it fits in perfectly with your style and decor, bringing your vision to life.

4. Hanging and Framing Options

How you plan to display your metal print matters!

Some services offer standoff kits, easel backs, standard framing, and float mount systems, allowing for versatile display options.

5. Durability

Metal prints are known for their durability, making them ideal for long-lasting display.

Ensure that the service uses high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

6. Reviews and Reputation

Reading reviews from other customers can provide insights into the overall customer experience, from order process to print quality and customer service.

You should be able to find reviews on the print service’s website. You can also try searching on social media for photos customers have shared of their own metal prints. 

Ready to make your own metal photo print? Here are the links to our Metal Prints pages to get started!

HD Metal Prints

Matte Metal Prints

Brushed Metal Prints

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