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5 Best Custom Photo Calendars That Make the Perfect Gifts

Enjoy flat rate shipping for only $10 and free shipping on orders over $150* when you make custom photo calendars with Posterjack. Get started today!

Custom Photo Calendar Printed by Posterjack Canada

As the holiday season approaches, many of us begin the quest for that heartfelt personalized gift that can offer the sense of warmth and affection. Custom photo calendars are definitely a front-runner in this list of gift ideas, offering a perfect blend of utility and sentimentality.

Imagine gifting your loved ones a year sprinkled with joyous memories, unfolding one month at a time. Or picture yourself flipping through a calendar adorned with your favorite moments, a delightful start to each new day.

Custom photo calendars take you through a mini-journey of your past, reliving cherished moments with each day or passing month. It's a daily reminder of the happy moments and a way to keep close the memories that mean the most to you.

In this article, we will look into the 6 top photo printing services, and look into the design and production quality, pricing, user-friendliness, and the range of customization options they offer. 

1. Posterjack

If you’re looking for a  custom photo gift that will be appreciated 365 days a year, our Wall-Mounted Calendars are a great idea!

Whether you’re shopping for mom, a grandparent, friend, or even your child’s teacher, when they open their gift, they’ll see how much love and thought went into creating a gift custom-made just for them. 

Posterjack's wall-mounted calendars are an affordable way to create a custom photo gift, which makes them perfect for just about anyone on your gift list. Ranging in price from $24 to $32, our photo calendars are available in six different sizes and come in a large variety of different styles and themes.

With our easy-to-use calendar designer, you can customize your calendar so it’s exactly how you want it: add photos, include text, change background patterns, and more.

In addition to having the ability to add and remove events that are standard on calendars, like Halloween, Christmas Day or Canada Day, you can also include your own special events, like birthdays and anniversaries, and even add photos to these dates. 

The Quality You’ve Come to Expect

When you create a photo calendar with Posterjack, you know you’re going to get nothing but the best.

Like all of our photo art products, your calendar will be made right here in our Toronto workshop.

Using HP Indigo printing and our proprietary printing software, your photos will be sharp and the colours vibrant and accurate.

And, of course, the sturdy, coated paper stock we use to make the calendars is premium quality too. 

Create a Photo Calendar Now

A Custom-Made Photo Calendar Gift For …

Who’s on your holiday gift list? We’ve already mentioned how perfect our photo calendars are for just about anyone on your list, but here are a few ideas on what you can create for some of those special people in your life.

... Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa will adore receiving a personalized photo calendar for Christmas. Whether they live near or far, they’ll love being able to admire new photos of their grandkids every month.

Another idea is to take them down memory lane by including photos from the past, like images from their wedding on their anniversary month, or baby photos of you included on the month you were born.

If grandma and grandpa aren’t tech savvy and don’t have Facebook or apps reminding them when everyone’s birthdays are, you can add them all to the calendar for them too. 

Personalize Photo Calendar Gift Idea for Grandparents


... Mom and/or Dad

Surprise Mom or Dad with a customized photo calendar featuring their favourite photos or capture some photos they’ve never seen before for an extra special surprise. And have fun with it!

They’ll love seeing your silly selfies, pet photos, or even images from their favourite hiking or fishing spot. 

Another idea to further personalize the calendar is add unique events in random spots throughout the year.

For example, choose a day to add “Mom/Dad doesn’t need to make dinner tonight” or “Mom/Dad gets breakfast in bed.” They’ll love getting these little perks throughout the year! 

Customizing a Photo Calendar to Include Special Dates


... Teachers

Personalized photo calendars make the perfect gift for teachers. They can choose to display it in the classroom or at home, and you can customize it to include photos from past field trips or school events.

Depending on the age of the students, you could even have the kids draw pictures of themselves with their teacher, which you could photograph or scan to include in the calendar.

Adding dates from your school's official calendar will help them stay organized too. 

Personalized Photo Calendar Gift for Teachers

... the Social Butterfly, Photographer, and Teenager

A photo calendar is a perfect gift idea for the person who is always capturing and sharing their own photos, whether that person is a professional photographer, social butterfly, or teenager who’s forever uploading photos to Instagram.

They’ll be excited to receive a customized calendar that features all of their favourite photos and will no doubt be proud to display it on their wall. If you want to print photos they’ve shared on Instagram but aren’t sure how, this article about printing instagram photos in canvas explains how to do it. 

Photo Calendar by Posterjack Canada

 ... Your Significant Other

Custom photo calendars are a great gift to give your significant other and you can make it as fun or romantic as you want, simply based on the photos you choose to include.

You can personalize it even further by creating special events which are only limited by your imagination; promise your loved one a foot rub on a specific day or give them the night off from doing the dishes, the options are endless!  

Photo Calendar - Perfect Gift Idea for Significant Other

You Can’t Go Wrong With Posterjack's Photo Calendars

A Posterjack Wall-Mounted Calendar is a thoughtful and affordable photo gift idea that is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter who you’re gifting it to.

And with the various size options and the ability to customize the calendar in so many ways, you can create the perfect gift that will be admired every day of the year. 

Make a Custom Photo Calendar Now

 2. Shutterfly

Shutterfly offers an 8 x 11-inch, 12-month centerfold calendar starting at $34.99.

You can select from other sizes, including a 5 x 7 inch and a 12 x 12 inch and also have access to several design elements like stickers and clipart to add more personal touch to your calendar.

Their online platform is also organized, making the designing process quite straightforward. You also have the ability to share your projects online with others.

3. Walmart 

Walmart's photo calendar service provides different style options including wall, desk, and easel calendars in various formats such as 8x11", 11x14", and 12x12".

The service offers numerous customization features, letting you add a personal touch to your calendar with a selection of different designs and layouts. It's user-friendly, allowing you to start designing your calendar even as your images are uploading, which is a real time-saver, especially when working with multiple photos.

Walmart photo calendar service a considerable option for those looking to blend convenience with customization opportunities.

4. Printique

Printique is another popular choice to create high-quality, personalized and customizable photo calendars. Starting at a price of $25.99, you can get a 10 x 10-inch, 12-month centerfold calendar. Various other size options are also available in both desktop and wall calendar preferences.

Despite having thinner pages, the calendars have a stunning glossy finish that enhances image quality but also prevents smudging when writing.

The software offered by Printique is advanced and might appear a bit intimidating. It is mostly useful for people with a design background like photographers looking to add more detail to their prints.

Users can adjust numerous aspects including borders, text, and shadows, coupled with a rich selection of background designs and clip art elements. You can also personalize the calendar grid pages extensively, tweaking aspects such as fonts, grid opacity, and adding colorful drop shadows. 

5. Mixbook

Mixbook is also another great option to make your own photo calendar. You can start with a 12 x 12-inch calendar at $28.99. They also have different sizes to pick from.

They offer bright colors and strong covers with thick pages, so it's easy to write on them without making a mess. Using Mixbook is also really easy, thanks to their simple design tools. You can choose from many ready templates or make your own from scratch. While the customization is a bit limited, the platform is very user-friendly. 

Posterjack Makes the Best Custom Photo Calendars

We started Posterjack in 2009 with a simple goal: helping people turn their digital photos into large prints they can proudly display on their walls. Now, 12 years later, our dedicated team transforms over 100,000 photos into something special every year.

We appreciate the trust our customers have placed in us. Our team is committed to transforming your precious photos into beautiful calendars that you'll be excited to share with friends and family.

At Posterjack, we value customer satisfaction above all. We read every review and enjoy seeing the photos of our work displayed in your homes. We promise to deliver our best, every single time.

Make a Custom Photo Calendar Now

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  • Wow! previously i used Vista Print for calendars but this time I had my yearly calendar order done at PosterJack (since they do most of my printing already). I’m extremely happy with the quality, packaging and turnaround time. Well done guys..and btw I’m never going back to Vista Print. Best Regards, Stanley Bell Photography.

    Stan Bell le

  • A keepsake beyond the year! I would gift this to the best supporter of my photographic endeavors, my wife.

    Michael Hagenbuch le

  • Great gift

    Jane CLothier le

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