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The Artistic Edge: Discover the Beauty of Metal Prints for Your Photographs

Photo of Colourful Houses Printed on Metal by Posterjack and Displayed Above a Dining Room Table

Metal Prints are a striking and contemporary way to showcase your cherished memories. With their sleek appearance and unique characteristics, Metal Prints offer a range of benefits that set them apart from traditional paper prints. In this article, we'll touch on the three different types of metal you can print your photos on, and then we’ll explore the advantages of printing photos on aluminum, discuss the types of photos that look best on them, and delve into the age-old debate of glossy versus matte finishes. Lastly, we’ll share some photos that Posterjack customers have captured featuring their own photos printed on metal.

Three Types of Metal Photo Prints

If you're considering printing your photos on metal, the first step is to explore the various types of Metal Prints you can choose from. Posterjack offers three different styles of metal prints, each with their own unique characteristics.

  1. HD Metal Prints are super vibrant and high-gloss. Incorporating these into your space can mimic the glass of a window, creating a cool effect when you print your favourite beach photo or landscape shot. Like magic, your home now has ocean views!
  2. Matte Metal Prints have a satin-matte finish. Compared to our HD Metal Prints, they have the least amount of glare, making them the more versatile of the three metals we offer. If you want a piece of artwork that has vibrant, accurate colours but isn’t high-gloss, this is the perfect choice.
  3. Brushed Metal Prints have a very unique look because the brushed aluminum shows in areas of the photograph where there is white or low saturation. If you’re decorating a space where you’re mixing metals and textures, this can be a fantastic option. 

How Metal Photo Prints Are Made

Striking Image of the Night Sky with Trees Printed on HD Metal and Displayed Above a Desk

Posterjack’s White Metal Prints and Brushed Silver Metal Prints are printed using the giclée method. This process uses advanced SwissQprint equipment for superior image quality and GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks. Our photo printers produce a metal print that delivers longterm durability and fade resistance. Under normal conditions with some sunlight, these metal prints will not fade for over 200 years.

With a fade-resistance rating of 100+ years, our HD Metal Prints are created using a process called dye-sublimation. This means your photo is reverse-printed using unique transfer papers and dyes. It’s then placed over the Chromaluxe metal panel which has a special coating on it. Using a heat press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the sublimation dyes are converted to a gas and transferred to the metal at a molecular level. Since the dyes have been infused into the metal, your HD Metal Print will not fade, peel, or crack under normal conditions. 

The Benefits of Metal Prints

When compared to other photo printing options, such as framed prints or paper prints, printing your photos on metal offers an array of advantages that make them an appealing choice for displaying your photographs. Here are a few of the benefits to choosing aluminum to print your photos on.

Vibrant and Durable

The use of aluminum as the printing medium results in artwork that exhibits incredible vibrancy and colour. Regardless of which type of Metal Print you choose, our printing processes and premium materials ensure your images come to life with phenomenal detail and depth. Additionally, Metal Prints are resistant to fading, moisture, and UV damage, making them exceptionally durable. 

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Metal Photo Print of Ocean Sunset Displayed Outdoors on a Patio

Modern and Sleek

The sleek and contemporary appearance of Metal Prints adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The metal surface gives your photos a luminous quality, creating a captivating visual impact. Depending on where you have your photos printed on metal, you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal by customizing your print with various hanging and framing options. Posterjack, for example, has three hanging options for their Matte Metal Prints and Brushed Metal Prints:

  1. The popular Float Mount System for a clean, unframed look.
  2. The modern Floater Frame for a substantial, yet modern, look.
  3. The Standoff Kit for a more industrial look. 

For HD Metal Prints, you can choose Posterjack's proprietary Float Mount Hanging System where the hidden fixture on the reverse side floats the Metal Print half an inch off the wall, or for a more classic look, you can have your print displayed in a Standard Frame, which is crafted from Canadian hardwood and painted in a satin black or charcoal finish. 

If you intend on having your own custom frame made for your photo or plan to use your own hanging system, you can also choose to have no frame with any of Posterjack's Metal Prints. With this option, your print will be created as simply the print alone, with nothing on the back for hanging. This option can also be good for displaying your photos in narrow spaces, like a hallway or staircase, since you can mount the print flush against the wall using 3M Command Strips. 

For prints that are 12"x18" and smaller, an aluminum easel will be expertly mounted to the backside of a Posterjack Metal Print so it can be easily displayed on a flat surface like a table, shelf, or desk.

Lightweight and Easy to Hang

Metal Prints are lightweight, making them easy to handle and mount. And if you order your print with one of the ready-to-hang options, it will arrive at your doorstep with the hanging hardware expertly installed so all you need to do is unbox your photographs and get them on your wall. The process couldn’t be easier! 

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Types of Photos That Look Best on Metal Prints

While almost any photo can be transformed into a stunning metal print, certain types of images tend to complement the medium particularly well.

High-Contrast and Vibrant Landscapes

Scenic landscapes with rich colours, dramatic skies, and intricate textures translate beautifully onto metal. The glossy surface of an HD Metal Print can really enhance the vividness of the scene, creating a captivating visual experience.

Architectural and Urban Photography

The sleekness of metal prints lends itself well to architectural and urban photography. The metal surface accentuates the sharp lines, metallic elements, and reflective surfaces often found in these types of images, resulting in a modern and urban aesthetic. The unique characteristics of a Brushed Metal Print can emphasize these images even further, since the raw aluminum shows through with this type of metal print. 

Brushed Metal Photo Print of a Cityscape Displayed on a Wall in a Home Office

Abstract and Fine Art

Metal prints can enhance the visual impact of abstract compositions and fine art photography. Because of their low-glare and colour accuracy, Matte Metal Prints are often chosen for these types of photos, so the focus of the artwork remains exclusively on the photograph itself. 

Glossy or Matte Metal Prints: Choosing the Right Finish

The choice between a glossy or matte finish largely depends on personal preference and the specific characteristics of your photo.

Glossy Finish

A glossy finish amplifies the vibrancy and depth of colours, lending a lustrous shine to the image. It is ideal for photos with high contrast, vibrant hues, and strong visual elements. Glossy metal prints also tend to reflect light, creating a dynamic and captivating effect. Choose HD Metal Prints if this is the look you’re going for.

Matte Finish

A matte finish offers a more subdued and sophisticated look. It reduces glare and reflection, making it suitable for images with softer tones and subtle details. Matte Metal Prints are an excellent choice for black and white photography, portraits, and images with fine textures.

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Metal Photo Prints Ideas & Inspiration

Metal prints provide a contemporary and visually stunning way to display your photographs. With their vibrant colours, durability, and sleek appearance, they elevate the impact of your images. Whether you opt for a glossy or matte finish depends on your personal style and the characteristics of the photo itself. So, go ahead and explore the captivating world of metal prints to give your cherished memories a modern and artistic touch. If you’re looking for further ideas and inspiration to create your own metal photo prints, here are a few images Posterjack customers have shared of their own Metal Prints. 

Posterjack Customer With Metal Photo Print

"This arrived from Posterjack today. 16x24" HD Metal Print. Nothing quite like seeing your images in print." @jefftscott 

Posterjack Customer and Alberta Artist Standing Beside Metal Prints in Gallery

"What a fantastic turnout, so many people this year. Thank you for everyone showing up it was great to meet and talk with some other artists ... Thanks Posterjack for always making my pieces pop." @jordanmudrackphotography

Posterjack Customer Photo Featuring Metal Photo Print of a Person Surfing

"New piece heading to Ohana Pines. Join us and make your own print worthy moments." @ohanapines

Surfing Dog Printed on Metal and Displayed in Restaurant in Victoria, BC

"It’s so cool to see Posterjack prints in the wild and even cooler to hear the stories behind the photos people choose to print. This doggo is a local, hanging ten on the beaches of Victoria!" @rhondacallow

Posterjack Customer Displaying Metal Photo Print of Image of Humpback Whale Captured with a Drone

"Enlarged my favourite whale shot on metal with Posterjack. Pretty pleased with the result." @goproandsealife

See more customer photos by visiting our Ideas Gallery. Ready to make your own metal photo print? Here are the links to our Metal Prints pages to get started!

HD Metal Prints

Matte Metal Prints

Brushed Metal Prints

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