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3 Misconceptions About Printing Your Own Photos

Person holding a print of a family photo with dog from a photoshoot at the beach

Do you have the desire to turn your photos into artwork but keep putting it off for one reason or another? Let us help ease that apprehension by addressing three common misconceptions about printing photos:

  1. Your photo isn’t good enough
  2. You don’t have the wall space to display photos
  3. You’re not an artist

Your Photo Isn't Good Enough

Person holding a smartphone displaying a photo which is also printed and displayed on the wall in the background.

Did you know that most modern smartphones on the market today have enough megapixels to print photos up to 36”x48”? So if it’s the quality of your photo that’s concerning you and holding you back from getting that image off your phone and onto your wall, you need not worry!

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Another thing to set your mind at ease is our automatic rating system. When you upload a photo to our website, you’re automatically provided with a photo quality rating. This will help give you a better idea on what to expect before you print, and if your photo quality is unacceptable, our system won’t allow you to proceed with your order. Our priority is ensuring you’re happy with your print! 

Furthermore, Posterjack has proprietary software designed to help get the sharpest photos possible. PJ-PRINT™ uses an advanced interpolation algorithm, which allows us to print your photos super-crisp at a large scale. Our software delivers better results than you would get by resampling a digital image in Photoshop or other editing software.

And lastly, if you love a photo, you should print it! Who cares if it's not perfectly composed, if the lighting isn't great, or the shot is out of focus. If it makes you happy, that's all that matters! 

You Don’t Have the Wall Space to Display Photos

Gallery wall of black and white family portraits displayed on staircase wall

If you've run out of wall space, you don't need to stop printing your favourite photos! Posterjack has a whole line of desk decor products that look beautiful displayed on shelves, mantels, desks, and coffee tables. We also have gorgeous hardcover and softcover photo books, coffee mugs, and more! No wall space required! But if you really want them up on the wall, don't forget the often-overlooked spaces like stairwells, hallways, and entryways. 

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You're Not an Artist

Custom artwork from digital download displayed on the wall behind a dog on the couch

If you want to print something other than your own photography, there is an abundance of places you can get digital downloads for a minimal cost or even free! You can support Canadian artists and photographers this way too. Once you have the digital download, turning it into artwork is as easy as uploading it to our website, and choosing the product and size you'd like. We will take it from there! 

Our blog provides several resources on where to get digital downloads to print. Here are a few you can check out to help you find that perfect print for your space:

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Where to Find Free Printable Wall Art

Don’t Let Your Hesitation Be an Obstacle

Person sitting at a table using their laptop to order photo prints from the Posterjack website

So you see? It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist, if the photo you want to print is one you captured with your smartphone, or you think you don’t have the wall space to display new prints. Don’t let your hesitation be the obstacle that’s stopping you from displaying your beautiful photos and artwork in your home! Imagine how incredible it would feel to see your very own custom art up on your wall. 

Ready to get started? Choose your photo art product and get excited as we create your prints from our Toronto print shop! Once your prints are ready, we will carefully package them up and ship them right to your door. And if there's anything we can do to help you get those photos off your phone or computer and onto your walls, just let us know! 

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