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Mother's Day Sale 🌷30% OFF SITEWIDE with code: MDAY30 + Bonus Markdowns on Framed Prints ➨

38 Sibling Photo Ideas to Help Inspire Your Next Photoshoot

Silhouette Photo of Siblings With Quote

A sibling is the lens through which you see your childhood.” Ann Hood

The Best Sibling Photo Ideas

The bond between siblings is like no other. One minute they’re fighting over who ate the last cookie and the next minute they’re inseparable and the best of friends. They grow up together sharing toys, clothes, and memories. And yes, they really do grow up too fast. So grab your camera and capture these special moments while you can. 

Whether you’re planning a professional photoshoot with a photographer or just want to be prepared for an impromptu session with your iPhone, here are 38 sibling photo ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing. Featured are a variety of different types of sibling photos, from candid shots to posed portraits, ranging in ages from babies to young adults, so you’re sure to find the perfect inspiration. 

1. The Bond Before They’re Born

Little Girl Kissing Her Unborn Sibling

Capture the love between two siblings before they’re even born.

2. Waiting For a Playmate 

Boy Playing with Toy Truck with Father and Pregnant Mother in Background

If your little one has a sibling on the way, capture a photo of them playing solo, waiting for the arrival of their little brother or sister. A photo of dad, mom, and pregnant belly in the background completes this photo. 

3. Including The Grownups 

Adult Carrying Two Kids in a Field With Third Kid in The Distance by a Tree

It’s okay to include mom, dad, and other grownups in your sibling photos too!

4. Sisters With Their Mom

Two Young Sisters Looking Up at Their Mom

The angle this photo was captured at allows the focal point to still be on the siblings but also includes the parent.

5. Playtime With Dad

Silhouette of Dad Swing Two Kids Around On the Beach at Sunset

Silhouette photos are creative and fun. For best results, wait until the sun is low in the sky and position your subjects between yourself, as the photographer, and the sun.

6. Comparing Features

Close-Up of Two Siblings Faces With The Focus on Their Eyes

Whether the siblings share the same eyes or they’re as different as night and day, photographing these features close-up and side-by-side is a creative idea. 

7. A Contrast in Size

Baby and Young Child Siblings Napping Together with Focus on Their Feet

In addition to comparing features, another great idea is to take photos of their feet or hands together, which really highlight the difference in size and age. 

8. Not Always In Focus Baby Girl with Big Sister in Background

Sibling photos don’t always need to have both siblings in focus. Having a shallow depth of field can produce some great images. 

9. The Serious With The Silly Big Sister Smiling with Younger Sibling Who is Making a Silly Face

It’s amazing how different siblings can be, despite growing up in the same household. Allow them to show their personalities and be themselves. 

10. Breaking The Rules Brother and Sister Jumping on The Bed Having a Pillow Fight - Sibling Photo Idea

Sure, you might not usually allow your kids to jump on the bed or have pillow fights, but if you’re looking for some fun, candid photos, letting them do something that’s usually a no-go can produce some great sibling photos.

11. Capturing Tradition Two Brothers Carving Pumpkins for Halloween

Capture photos of siblings carving pumpkins, colouring Easter eggs, getting ready for the first day of school, and other annual traditions. These are memories they’ll always share together and will love looking back on when they’re older. 

12. Candid Fun Little Boys Playing in the Ocean Laughing and Having Fun

Try to get photos without them being aware you have your camera out. Some of the best images are unplanned, candid shots. 

13. Unbreakable Bond Older Sister Piggybacking Younger Sibling

This action shot does a wonderful job at showing the love these girls have for each other. 

14. Summer Days Silhouette of Two Kids on The Lake with Fishing Rods and Bikes

Photographing memories like this and turning them into photo art is guaranteed to give those siblings all the feels when they grow up. Nostalgia at its best.  

15. Welcoming The Newest Addition Family Sharing Sweet Moment with Big Sister Kissing Baby Brother

Document the love shared between siblings when the newest addition arrives. 

16. Artistic Love

Collection of Hands Together with Red Heart Painted on Them 

If you’re looking for a super fun idea, gather all the siblings together to make something creative. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy!

17. A Helping Hand

Older Sibling Helping With Homework on the Steps Outside of School 

A little sibling perk is having an older brother or sister help you with your homework. 

18. Documenting The Rare Moments

Big Sister Helping Little Brother Get Up Off the Ground 

If it feels like your kids argue more than they get along, it’s all the more reason to make sure you have the camera ready for when these rare moments arise. 

19. Creative Framing

Siblings Looking Through a Rustic Window Frame 

Add some interest to your sibling photos by incorporating some creative compositional framing techniques to your shots.

20. No Distractions

Sisters Sitting Together - Sibling Photo Idea 

This photo has creative framing, and is also great because there are no distracting backgrounds to take the focus off the siblings. 

21. Sharing Moments

Sibling Photo Ideas - Big Sister Showing Little Sibling the Trees 

The special moment these two are sharing makes the photo, while the beautiful, natural light strengthens it. These low-light photography tips will help you capture print-worthy photos without the use of a flash.

22. Sibling Secrets 

Older Sister Sharing Secret with Little Brother in Pyjamas 

This candid photo of a sister telling a secret to her little brother in his pyjamas is the perfect example of how photos don’t need to be perfectly posed to be wonderful. 

23. Piggybacks 

Piggybacking Siblings Backlit by Sun 

What childhood is complete without the memories of piggybacking with your sisters and brothers? 

24. Seaside Sweetness

Young Siblings Kissing on The Beach 

Could this beach photo of two siblings be any sweeter?

25. Water Fight!

Older Siblings Having a Fun Water Fight 

Not all fights are bad! It’s always a good idea to have a waterproof camera if there’s a chance you’re going to get wet though.

26. Puddle Jumping

Puddle Jumping Toddlers - Sibling Photo Idea 

Speaking of getting wet, playing in puddles is always good fun for younger siblings and create the perfect photo opportunity. 

27. Inside Joke

Siblings Sitting Outside Laughing and Having Fun 

Years down the road, these siblings might not remember what was so funny, but they’ll never forget the fun times and closeness they shared with their brothers and sisters. 

28. Play Ball

Kids Playing With a Ball Outside in Field with Trees - Sibling Photoshoot Idea 

Capture them participating in their favourite activities together, be it soccer, dancing, riding bikes, playing with the dog, or whatever else they have fun doing.

29. Reading Together

Two Brothers Reading and Drawing Together - Sibling Photography Idea 

It’s not just physical activities that are great ideas to photograph. Photos of brothers and sisters reading, drawing, or colouring together are also special. And if you photograph them during an art activity, you can turn their masterpieces into art as well!

30. Living In a Tech World

Two Sisters Playing on a Tablet Together - Sibling Photo Idea 

Moments shared playing video games are photo-worthy as well. Sure, as parents, we’re often encouraging our kids to limit their screen time, but there’s nothing wrong with capturing these times too! 

31. Beautiful Backdrop

Sisters Hugging in a Lavender Field - Sibling Photoshoot Idea

If you want to capture a photo of siblings that can be printed and displayed in your home, consider the background of the photo, making sure it’s something you’ll be happy to look at every day from your dining room table, living room, or office.  

32. Black & White

Black & White Photo of Toddlers Arm-In-Arm Facing Away From Camera 

This is such a sweet photo and because it’s black and white, there are no distractions leading your focus away from the two precious little ones. 

33. Sharing

Toddlers Playing on a Tablet Together - Sibling Photo Idea 

When your toddlers are sharing nicely and getting along, you better have your camera ready. 

34. Eventful Times

Sisters Having Fun at a Festival - Sibling Photography Ideas 

Sibling photos can be great candid or posed, or, in the case of this photo, a little of both. 

35. Teenaged Siblings

Two Teenagers Sitting on Curb Outside Laughing at Their iPhone - Sibling Photo Idea 

As a parent of teenagers, you may get lucky and have kids that love posing for the camera but, as is often the case, teens like to capture their own selfies and shy away from the camera when their parents pull one out. If that’s the case, try to capture candid moments when they’re not expecting it. 

36. No Faces

Young Siblings on Scooters Facing Away From Camera 

Photos don’t always need to include faces to be good, as this photo proves. 

37. Serious Times

Siblings Outside With Puppy 

When you take photos, don’t worry too much about having smiling faces either. Capturing the moment as it was, naturally, is just as good. 

38. Giggles

Black & White Image of Two Little Girls Smiling and Laughing - Sibling Photo Ideas 

Smiles and giggles are great too! 

Sibling Photo Ideas & Inspiration

We hope these sibling photo ideas help inspire your next photoshoot. Once you have the perfect photo, be sure to print them and display them proudly! When the siblings you’ve photographed have all grown up, they’ll cherish these moments forever caught in time. 

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