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Getting the Best Quality Photo Prints: Tips on Choosing a Print Service

Person holding a high-quality photo print by Posterjack with more prints in the background.

In today's digital age, where almost every photograph is captured on smartphones and digital cameras, the allure of high quality photo prints has not diminished. There's something special about holding a tangible photograph in your hands, displaying it on your walls, or gifting it to loved ones. However, not all photo prints are created equal, and to truly appreciate your memories, you need to ensure that you invest in the best print service available. In this article, we'll explore what high quality photo prints entail and what factors you should consider when deciding on a print service to create the best photo prints.

What Are High Quality Photo Prints?

High quality photo prints go beyond mere ink on paper; they encapsulate the essence of the image, preserving its vibrant colours, sharpness, and fine details. A print should enhance the visual impact of the photograph, not diminish it. 

Whether you're a professional photographer who wants to create the best possible prints of your work to offer your clients or someone with a smartphone in your pocket who wishes to turn your favourite moments into something you can admire off the small screen of your phone, investing in high quality photo prints should be a priority in order to avoid disappointment down the road. 

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Print Service

To ensure you’re going to receive high quality photo prints, take a few moments to understand the print service you’re choosing. Photo printing services should have all the information you need readily available on their website but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to their support team to ask questions. You should know what you’re buying and be confident that your prints are going to stand the test of time, looking equally amazing years down the road as the day you purchased them. 

Here are six things to consider to help ensure you receive high quality photo prints:

1. Print Technology

High quality photo prints being made in Posterjack print shop in Toronto, Ontario

The print service's technology plays a significant role in determining the quality of the final product. Look for a print service that invests in top-of-the-line equipment and uses modern printing techniques like giclée or SwissQ printing. These methods often deliver superior colour accuracy and finer details compared to traditional printing methods.

2. Print Medium

The type of paper or material used for printing can greatly affect the appearance and longevity of the photo print. Consider options such as archival-quality photo paper, thick poly-cotton canvas, durable metal, or optically-clear acrylic. Each medium offers unique characteristics, so choose one that best complements the image's mood and style.

Various Types of Photo Prints Displayed on the Wall

3. Colour Management

Ensuring colour accuracy in photo prints is important. You do, after all, want your photo to look just as vibrant and sharp in print as it does on the screen. Reputable print services use colour management techniques to match the colours in the digital file with the printed output. This ensures that the print accurately represents the photographer's vision.

Important: If you are using a properly calibrated screen to view and edit your photos, print results will be more accurate. It’s also very important to keep in mind that screens are backlit and the brightness level of the screen has a huge impact on colour. Printed products are not backlit and therefore the light in the room you are viewing them in (natural, fluorescent, or incandescent) will change the way the colours look.

High quality photo prints - comparison of acrylic and metal prints

4. Resolution and Image Quality

High-resolution images are essential for producing sharp and clear prints. Thankfully, most digital cameras and smartphones produce images with a resolution good enough to print at 36”x48” and up! To be sure your photo print will be the best it can be, choose a print service that’s transparent about resolution requirements and help guide you accordingly. Several online photo printing companies offer an automatic quality rating score when you upload your photo to the website. From there, you can decide if you’re happy with the results or if you’d like to choose a smaller size to get a sharper print. 

Bonus: If you choose Posterjack for your photo prints, we use proprietary software designed to help get the sharpest photos possible. PJ-PRINT™ uses an advanced interpolation algorithm, which allows us to print your photos super-crisp at a large scale. 

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5. Customer Reviews and Samples

Before entrusting a print service with your precious memories, take a look at customer reviews and testimonials. Look for feedback on print quality, colour accuracy, and customer service. Moreover, some print services offer sample prints, allowing you to assess the print quality before committing to a larger order.

Posterjack Sample Box of high quality photo prints

Want to read what people are saying about Posterjack or see photos they’re sharing of their own photo prints? These two links will get you there:

Customer Reviews of Posterjack Photo Printing

Customer Photos of Posterjack Photo Prints

6. Shipping and Packaging

High-quality photo prints are only worth it if they arrive safely to your home! Ensure the print service offers secure packaging and reliable shipping options to protect your prints during transit. Fragile prints must be handled with care to avoid any damage during delivery. It’s also a good idea to make sure the company you’re ordering from fully insures their shipments so that if something does happen in transit and your prints get damaged, your order will be covered. 

Find High Quality Photo Prints at Posterjack

Making high quality photo prints in Posterjack's print shop in Toronto, Ontario

High quality photo prints hold a timeless appeal, turning digital moments into cherished physical mementos. When deciding on a print service to create the best photo prints, pay attention to factors such as print technology, medium, colour management, resolution, customer reviews, and shipping options. Remember, the print service you choose plays a crucial role in bringing your photographs to life and preserving the essence of those precious moments for generations to come. So, take the time to research and find a print service that aligns with your vision and expectations, ensuring your memories can be admired in the most stunning and captivating manner possible. 

Posterjack checks all the boxes when it comes to delivering the best quality photo prints available. We continually invest in state-of-the-art printers and premium materials and handcraft everything from our Toronto print shop for complete quality control. We carefully package and ship photo prints across the country and we’re proud to have our customers share their reviews on our website for all to see. Producing the best quality photo prints is our number one priority. We hope you’ll choose Posterjack for your prints and if there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

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