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Wild Horses in the Canadian Rockies: Photo Art of the Week

Wild Horses HD Metal Print - Posterjack Canada Photo Art of the Week

Wild Horses Along the Cowboy Trail

This Photo Art of the Week belongs to Leroy Schulz. You’re looking at an 8”x12” HD Metal Print. 

Leroy tells us, “This photo was taken near Sundre, Alberta, northwest of Calgary, along the Cowboy Trail in the Canadian Rockies foothills. It was a cool September day in 2018 with steady rainfall when a small group of us went looking for feral horses that live on government land in the area.

“These ‘wild horses’ are thought to either have been released by miners or are descended from much older horse populations. Regardless of their origin, they are beautiful creatures and I'm fascinated by the idea that they live in the wild. Though the topic of these horses can be controversial, many admire the mystique and tenacity of these creatures to share a rugged landscape with grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars.

“After some searching, we had the good fortune of crossing paths with this group. We exited our vehicles and spent several minutes watching them as they stood in the rain watching us, with evident curiosity on both sides. The lead mare is pictured in the centre of the photo.”

You can see more of Leroy’s photos by visiting his website. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.

The First to Offer Metal Prints in Canada

Posterjack Canada Metal Prints

Did you know that Posterjack has been printing photos on metal since 2011? In fact, we were the very first company in Canada to start printing and selling Metal Prints to consumers. We offer three different types of Metal Prints—HD Metal, Classic White, and Classic Silver—with each one having its own unique characteristics. Our HD Metal Print, for example, is a high-gloss print made using the dye-sublimation process to infuse the inks into the top coating of the metal sheet. Our Classic White Metal Print, on the other hand, has a satin-matte finish and your photo is printed directly onto a white-coated aluminum panel. And our Classic Silver Metal Print, the very first Metal Print we started offering, is totally unique from the others because we print your photo directly onto the brushed aluminum, so the raw metal is actually visible in areas of a photo where there’s white or low saturation. 

If you’re interested in learning more about each of our Metal Print types, Everything You Need to Know About Metal Prints is a fantastic blog post/video worth checking out.

The World’s Most Luxurious Metal Prints

Car Photo Printed on Metal by Posterjack Canada

As this Photo Art of the Week features an HD Metal Print, let’s take a closer look at what an HD Metal Print is. 

The newest product in our Metal Prints family, we introduced Canadians to our HD Metal Prints back in 2017. These high-definition prints will make your photo the center of attention wherever you display them. Your photo will be printed using dye-sublimation on a glossy white Chromaluxe metal panel using original EPSON inks. Our Photo Art Experts professionally attach a Float Mount Hanging System to the backside of the print, which floats the artwork half an inch off the wall. Its unframed, crisp edges will look brilliant in a modern space. With its sharp, vibrant colours and glossy surface, you’ll be blown away when you see your photo turned into an HD Metal Print. In fact, you better display it in a room you’re in often, as you won’t want to stop staring at it! 

Don’t just take our word for it though. You can check out thousands of real reviews our customers have left, telling the rest of Canada what they think of both their Posterjack experience, as well as what they think of their photo art. 

Reviews of Posterjack Canada HD Metal Prints

Ready to see your photo turned into an amazing piece of art? Get started now! 

Print Your Photo on HD Metal Now

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