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How to Arrange Three Photo Frames on a Wall

Three Framed Pictures Displayed on a Wall

Embracing memories, capturing moments, and adorning your walls with personalized artistry is a timeless expression of individuality and warmth within any home.

One of the most delightful ways to improve your space is through the arrangement of multiple photos, each telling its own story and collectively painting a beautiful narrative.

Here are several ways you can arrange three pictures on a wall, including templates and photo examples to help make it as easy as possible to get the look you desire.

1. Symmetrical Arrangement

In this first layout, we explore the classic elegance of symmetry using larger frames for a bold statement.

Opt for three identical-sized frames, creating a harmonious balance that commands attention. Centered alignment offers a polished look, drawing the eye with its seamless presentation.

Space the frames approximately three to four inches apart to ensure they complement each other while maintaining visual impact.

We’ve included two examples below of photos shared by Posterjack customers of their own three-picture wall display.

The first example showing what three 24x36 inch Canvas Prints look like, and the second example featuring three 20x28 inch Framed Prints. 

Three Large Canvas Prints Displayed on the Wall with a Person and Dog in the Foreground - Posterjack Customer Photo

 [Image credit for above: Posterjack customer photo]

Gallery Wall Template for Three 24x36 Pictures
Three Large Pictures Displayed on the Wall - Posterjack Customer Photo

[Image credit for above: Posterjack customer photo]

Gallery wall layout template for three 20x28 pictures

2. Dynamic

This layout combines different frame sizes for an eye-catching display. Pair two square 10x10 inch frames with one panoramic 8x24 inch frame, offering a unique blend of symmetry and asymmetry.

This arrangement invites intrigue and captivates attention with its unconventional proportions. Space the frames approximately two to three inches apart, allowing each photo to shine while contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the wall.

Let your creativity flourish as you curate a gallery wall that speaks volumes about your distinctive style and personality. 

The example below is featuring three Posterjack Photoboards.

Three pictures arranged on the wall - two 10x10 and one 8x24
Gallery wall template for three pictures displayed on the wall - two 10x10 prints and one 8x24 panoramic print.

3. Vertical Arrangement

A vertical display is great for small spaces and narrow walls. Stack three identical frames, each measuring 8x12 inches, to create a captivating display that draws the eye upward with grace and elegance.

Consistent sizing offers a sense of cohesion and balance, allowing the photos to seamlessly complement one another. Space the frames approximately two inches apart to maintain visual harmony while ensuring each image receives its well-deserved spotlight.

Three 8x12 pictures arranged on the wall.
Gallery wall template for three 8x12 picture arrangement.

4. Asymmetrical Adventure

Unleash your creativity with the whimsical charm of asymmetry. Embrace the opportunity to play with a variety of frame sizes and orientations, crafting an arrangement that ignites conversation and intrigue.

This layout thrives on individuality, inviting you to let your imagination run wild. Mix frames, incorporating one sized at 8x10 inches and two 11x14 inches, spaced approximately two to four inches apart for optimal visual impact.

For added dimension, select photos that complement each other, with one framed in landscape orientation and the other in portrait, creating a dynamic interplay between horizontal and vertical perspectives.

See the template below for a visual example.

Three pictures arranged on the wall in a beautiful gallery display.
Three picture gallery wall template using two 11x14 frames and one 8x10 frame.

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5. Grid Layout

Add a touch of modern sophistication to your space with a grid layout that exudes chic elegance.

Line up three square frames in a neat row, creating a captivating display of precision and refinement.

This layout is perfect for minimalist spaces craving a touch of contemporary allure. It’s also a great option if you’re displaying pictures in a smaller space, since this layout looks great with smaller frame sizes.

The example here is using 10x10 inch Gallery Boxes, spaced approximately one to two inches apart.

Three square pictures arranged on the wall.
Gallery wall template for three square 10x10 inch pictures.

6. Eclectic Ensemble

Our final layout celebrates the eclectic spirit, inviting you to mix and match frames of various sizes and colours for a truly unique display.

Embrace the beauty of diversity as you craft a gallery wall that reflects your personal style and flair. Let your creativity soar as you experiment with different arrangements, spacing, and compositions. 

The example shown below is featuring a 12x18 inch Wood Print (top-left print), a 14x18 inch Barnwood Framed Print (bottom-left print), and a 16x20 inch Acrylic Print (photo displayed on the right).

Three pictures arranged on the wall, different sizes and materials.
Unique three-picture gallery wall template using a mix of sizes and frames.

Your Gallery Wall Should Look Its Best

At Posterjack, we understand the importance of turning moments into memories and walls into galleries.

With our wide range of printing options, including canvas prints, framed prints, and acrylic prints, you can bring your three-picture gallery wall visions to life with ease.

Whether you seek classic elegance, modern sophistication, or eclectic charm, we are here to transform your photos into stunning works of art that will elevate any space.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out 11 Gallery Wall Ideas with Layout Templates for more!

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