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The Ultimate Guide to Printing Instagram Photos

Person holding their phone with a family photo on the screen. The same photo is printed and displayed on the wall in the background.

Are you eager to transform your favourite Instagram moments into tangible keepsakes? Turning digital memories into stunning prints is what we are experts at! Whether you're considering printing your Instagram photos for your wall, crafting a personalized photo book, or gifting a unique item to a loved one, we've got you covered. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with helpful tips on how to print your Instagram photos to ensure they’ll look their best, and we’ll also walk you through the process of printing Instagram photos with Posterjack, offering product recommendations you’re sure to love. 

Understanding Image Resolution and Print Size

When you upload a photo to Instagram, the quality is reduced significantly, so when you save or print a photo directly from the social media platform, the resolution will be much lower than the original image. Because of this, one of the most critical factors to consider when printing Instagram photos is image resolution. Higher resolution images typically result in sharper, more detailed prints. However, don't fret if your Instagram photos aren't high resolution; there are ways to enhance their appearance.

If you're working with a lower resolution image, consider printing it in a smaller format. Scaling down the print size can help minimize the visibility of pixelation and imperfections, resulting in a crisper image. You can also try some basic editing techniques, like converting the image to black and white, which can lend a timeless elegance to the print while minimizing the impact of the lower resolution. The material you choose to print your Instagram photo on can also help a lower-resolution photo look its best, like our Wood Prints, for example. This leads us into the next section of this guide: product recommendations.

12 Ways to Print Your Instagram Photos 

There are several ways you can print your Instagram pictures, but some materials are better than others when it comes to hiding imperfections, like a blurry image, or one that is lacking the pixels it needs to look sharp when it’s off Instagram and your phone’s backlit screen. Here are 12 products we recommend you print your Instagram photos on.

1. Acrylic Blocks

A display of Posterjack Acrylic Photo Blocks

An Acrylic Block is made from a perfectly clear, one-inch thick piece of premium cast acrylic that beautifully captures and refracts light; it’s so clear, you can look right through it from end to end! If you want a photo art product for your desk, mantel, or shelf that will have people talking, this one’s for you. 

2. Fine Art Prints

This is a wonderful choice for quality paper prints. Made from 308 GSM cotton fine art photo rag manufactured in Germany, you’ll love how your Instagram photos look printed on our Fine Art paper.

3. Metal Minis

For our Metal Minis, we took our ultra-premium HD Metal Prints and shrunk them down to the perfect desk decor size. Loved by professional photographers, these prints will make your best Instagram photos look even better! 

4. Woodstand Prints

Uniquely crafted, we print your photo on a durable ¼-inch thick board and combine it with a sturdy maple wood stand. A Woodstand Print will take your desk décor to a whole new level.

5. Canvas Prints

A Posterjack Canvas Print displayed with a fun family photo printed on it.

Thanks to the beautiful texture of the canvas we use, our Canvas Prints are more forgiving than some of our other products, like an Acrylic Print or HD Metal Print, making it a fantastic option for Instagram photo prints.

6. Brushed Silver Metal Prints and 7. Wood Prints

A photo printed directly onto wood.

These two products are a great option for printing Instagram photos, as long as you don’t mind a unique and artistic look and colour accuracy isn’t important to you. Because your photo is printed directly onto the brushed aluminum or wood, the raw material your photo is printed on will show through in areas where the image includes white (or low saturation). Similar to how an Instagram filter can hide flaws in an image, a Brushed Silver Metal Print and a Wood Print will help soften your photo’s imperfections. 

8. Photo Mugs and 9. Latte Mugs

Our Photo Mugs are available in 11oz. and 15oz. sizes, and they can be customized to include photos, text, and graphics on the front, front and back, or as a wrap-around full banner. If you prefer the style of our Latte Mugs, these are also a great product to print your Instagram photos on.

10. Photo Books

A toddler looking at a Posterjack Layflat Photo Book

If you have a lot of Instagram photos to print, this is a fun way to do it! We offer three different Photo Book styles: Softcover, Hardcover, and Layflat. Given our Layflat Photo Books are our most recent addition to this collection, let’s quickly look at what they offer. Photos are printed on extra-thick 200-pound matte photo paper that will not bend or curl. Because there is no gutter in the center of the book, pages lay flat when the book is open, so you can print one single image across two pages and it will look stunning. Further adding to the appeal of our Layflat Photo Books is their cover style options. You can choose to have a leather, linen, or custom photo wrap cover. This is a beautiful way to showcase all of your favourite Instagram photos. 

11. Photo Calendars

Creating a custom calendar with your Instagram photos is another fun way to print multiple images. You can include photos for each month, create collages, use our beautifully-designed templates for simple drag-and-drop creation, and even add additional Instagram pictures to special dates on the calendar. 

12. Folded Cards

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to print your Instagram photos in a smaller size, our Folded Cards is worth considering. Photos are printed on a thick, premium card stock and you can customize your cards to include images, text, and graphics. 

But How Do You Actually Print an Instagram Photo?

Printing your Instagram photos with Posterjack is easy. From our website, simply choose the photo art product and size you want and then click on the Instagram icon from the upload options.

Uploading Instagram photos to Posterjack to print.

In order for us to extract the image, you will need to connect your Instagram account. Once your account is connected, simply choose the photo you want to print! 

How to Download an Instagram Photo

If you don’t want to connect your Instagram account or are unable to for some reason—perhaps you want to print a friend’s photo to make a gift for them, for example—you could take a screenshot of the image, but the quality won’t be as great as if you had the original file. To get the best possible version of a photo when you don’t have access to the original file, you can use a third-party app like Snapinsta. Just go to the Instagram photo you want to save, copy the URL by clicking on the three dots located at the top-right of the image, and then select Copy Link. Paste the link into the Snapinsta box and follow their steps to save the image. 

How Posterjack Makes Instagram Photo Prints Look Their Best

Photo of two children printed onto canvas and displayed in a bright, cheerful room.

The quality of a print isn’t solely determined by the quality of image. The actual printer, inks, and product you’re printing on makes a huge difference too - this is especially true if you’re attempting to print a low resolution image, as everything that contributes towards making a better print is going to make a noticeable difference. With that in mind, a few reasons Posterjack is your best option for printing Instagram photos compared to printing them from home, or even choosing another photo printing company, is:

  • Our proprietary PJ-PRINT™ software. Using an advanced interpolation algorithm, we can print your photos super-crisp at a large scale. Our software delivers better results than you would get by resampling a digital image in Photoshop or other editing software. 
  • We use premium inks that are rated for 100+ years of fade resistance.
  • We continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we’re delivering the best products on the market.
  • Like our equipment, the materials we print your photos on are second to none. Our Fine Art Prints, for example, are made with Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, which is a high-quality paper used by professional photographers around the world. Another example is our Canvas Prints, which are made using the best quality poly-cotton canvas and basswood, and has been instrumental in helping us become known as the Photo Art Experts by Canadians across the country.
  • Our automatic rating system. When you upload a photo to our website, you’re automatically provided with a photo quality rating. This will help give you a better idea on what to expect before you print, and if your photo quality is unacceptable, our system won’t allow you to proceed with your order. Our priority is ensuring you’re happy with your print! 

Ready to Print Your Instagram Photos?

Printing an Instagram photo with Posterjack

From understanding image resolution to selecting the perfect printing medium, we hope that we've equipped you with the knowledge needed to ensure your Instagram prints are full of quality and charm.

With a variety of product recommendations ranging from Acrylic Blocks to Photo Books, you have several mediums you can choose from, making it easy to find what best suits your style and preferences. Whether adorning your desk with a Metal Mini or creating a Wood Print full of character, the possibilities are endless.

Printing your Instagram photos with Posterjack ensures not only exceptional quality but also peace of mind. With proprietary technology, premium inks, and top-notch materials, we create prints that stand the test of time. Our commitment to excellence extends to our automatic rating system, ensuring that every print meets the highest standards of quality.

So, whether you're looking to decorate your walls with vibrant Canvas Prints or to create personalized gifts for loved ones, we hope you’ll choose Posterjack to print your Instagram photos! 

We'd love to see how you printed your Instagram photos! If you share photos of your Posterjack prints on Instagram, tag us for a chance to be featured!

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