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💦Splash into BIG Summer Savings 💦 25% OFF SITEWIDE with code: SSUM25 + up to 50% OFF Canvas Prints ➨ & Acrylic Prints ➨

Transform Your Home with Framed Canvas Photo Prints

White Framed Canvas Photo Print Displayed on a Dresser

Our devices are brimming with cherished memories and stunning digital images. Yet, there's something uniquely special about bringing these moments into the physical world, transforming them into tangible art that we can admire daily. One of the most elegant and timeless ways to do this is through framed canvas photo prints. These prints combine the rich texture of canvas with the sleek, refined look of a frame, creating a sophisticated piece that can enhance any room. Whether it's a family portrait, a breathtaking landscape, or a snapshot of a memorable event, framed canvas photo prints offer a beautiful way to celebrate and display your favourite photos.

Five Reasons to Choose Framed Canvas Photo Prints

Espresso Framed Canvas Photo Print Displayed in Dining Room
  1. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: The combination of canvas texture and a stylish frame adds depth and dimension to your photos, making them stand out as statement pieces in any space in your home or office. The frame adds a touch of elegance, complementing the photograph and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home décor.
  2. Durability and Longevity: Canvas prints are known for their durability. By choosing a photo printing company like Posterjack, which prioritizes producing the highest quality prints, you can ensure that your photos remain vibrant and intact for years to come. The sturdy construction of framed canvas prints makes them a worthwhile investment for preserving your memories.
  3. Versatile Display Options: Framed canvas photo prints can be easily hung on walls or placed on shelves, offering versatile display options to suit your space. Whether you prefer a gallery wall arrangement or a standalone focal point, these prints adapt effortlessly to your design vision.
  4. Customization and Personalization: With a variety of frame colours and sizes available, you can customize framed canvas photo prints to perfectly match your personal taste and interior design. This level of personalization allows you to craft a unified and well-coordinated aesthetic, transforming your house into a warm and inviting home.
  5. Timeless Appeal: Framed canvas photo prints possess a timeless quality that transcends trends. They bring a sense of permanence and tradition, evoking the classic charm of traditional art while showcasing your modern memories in a sophisticated manner. This enduring appeal ensures that your framed canvas prints will remain cherished pieces in your home for years to come.

Types of Framed Canvas Photo Prints

Black Framed Canvas Photo Print Displayed in a Home

A framed Canvas Print is a beautiful way to enhance your photo. The type of frame we make for our Canvas Prints is called a float frame, which is a box frame which the photo sits in. There’s a small gap between the frame and the print, giving the illusion of the photo floating within the frame. One of the main advantages to this style of frame is that the photo is not hidden in any way. With traditional frames, the edges of a photo can be hidden by the frame or matting.

Floater frames for our Canvas Prints have a depth of two inches, are made with solid hardwood, and available in three different painted finish colours: black, white, and espresso. 

Note that because we handcraft all of our Canvas Prints in-house, the hand-cut stretcher frames which the canvas wraps around can vary in size ever so slightly, which means there can also be a small variance in the gap size between the print and the floater frame, from 1/8” to 1/4”.

Side-View of a Canvas Print with Black Floater Frame

Unframed Canvas Photo Prints

Although framed Cavas Prints look incredible, unframed can look equally great! If you choose to order an unframed Canvas Print with us, your printed photo will be hand-stretched around a wooden frame, which is made from kiln-dried Canadian basswood. We also install the hanging hardware, so your unframed Canvas Print is ready to hang as soon as you get it. 

But what do the edges of these canvas prints look like? We offer three options: mirrored edge, wrapped edge, and coloured edge. 

Edge Options for Posterjack Canvas Prints

The mirrored edge is our most popular style and works best with the majority of photos. Known as the faux gallery wrap, the image being printed remains on the face of the canvas print and the edge is created by reflecting the perimeter of the photo on the sides of the canvas. None of the original photo is lost to wrapping. 

The coloured edge option provides a nice finished look for images that are not well-suited for the mirrored edge. Your entire image remains on the surface of the canvas, with the sides of the print being finished with a solid colour of your choice. This is a fantastic option if you want to add a pop of colour to your canvas print or want to have it coordinate with the room's existing style and decor. Or, for a more neutral look, you could choose black, white, or grey. Your colour choices are vast! 

With the wrapped edge option, the image that is being printed will be wrapped over the edge of the canvas stretcher frame, resulting in part of the photo or artwork being displayed on the sides of the canvas print. Because of this, it's the least popular style and we don't generally recommend this options unless you don't mind losing the perimeter of your photo over the sides of the canvas print. 

Framed or Unframed, The Quality is the Same

Making a Canvas Print in Toronto at the Posterjack Print Shop

Regardless of whether you choose a framed canvas photo print or opt for the unframed option, the materials, equipment, and expertise that goes into crafting your print remains the same. If you choose Posterjack, your canvas print will be:

  • Made in Toronto
  • Handcrafted using premium-quality materials 
  • Printed using inks that will not fade for 200+ years
  • Printed using our proprietary PJ-PRINT™ software which allows us to print your images at a large scale and keep them looking super-sharp

Our customers absolutely love our Canvas Prints! With thousands of reviews from verified buyers, Posterjack Canvas Prints boast an impressive 98% positive rating. Here are just a few recent reviews, along with some photos our customers have shared of their own framed canvas photo prints. 

5-Star Review of Posterjack Canvas Print
["Purchased canvas prints as a gift for a friend. Posterjack is super easy to work with, and customer service responds to any inquiries almost immediately. The prints are fabulous." 5-star review by Cairin N]
Neil L, Posterjack Customer Photo of Framed Canvas Print
[Posterjack customer, Neil L, shared the above photo featuring their framed Canvas Print.]
Posterjack Customer Review of Canvas Prints
["I was so impressed with the quality of my canvas prints. It was my first time choosing canvas and I'll definitely choose that again. And the floating frames finished them off beautifully. I also find Posterjack quick to respond to my questions in a friendly and professional way." 5-star review by Barbara H]
John M, Posterjack customer photo of framed Canvas Print displayed on the wall.
[Posterjack customer, John M, shared this photo of their 24"x48" framed Canvas Print.]
5-star review of Posterjack Canvas Prints
["I have used Posterjack for my printing needs a few times now and am really pleased with the quality and service. My last order was the first time I have ordered canvas prints in a frame. Love them. Will order again! Great to find a reliable and quick service for printing my original digital art." 5-star review by Steinunn B]
Linda J, Posterjack customer photo of framed canvas photo print gallery wall display
[Linda J shared this photo of their beautiful gallery wall featuring their framed Canvas Prints.]
Make Your Own Canvas Print Now
Handcrafting Canvas Prints in Toronto at the Posterjack Print Shop


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