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💦Splash into BIG Summer Savings 💦 25% OFF SITEWIDE with code: SSUM25 + up to 50% OFF Canvas Prints ➨ & Acrylic Prints ➨

5 Shutterfly Alternatives for Exceptional Photo Books

Layflat Photo Books from Posterjack

[Posterjack Layflat Photo Books have three beautiful cover options: linen, photo wrap, and leather.]

If you want to create a custom photo book, there is certainly no shortage of print services you can choose from. More specifically, you may be looking for an alternative to using Shutterfly.

This article touches on why you might want to create a photo book with a company other than Shutterfly and offers up a list of alternative print services you can consider for your next photo book creation.  

5 Shutterfly Alternatives for Photo Book Creation

Posterjack Photo Books

What better way to relive and share life's special moments than through a beautifully crafted photo book? While Shutterfly is one platform that offers a way to create personalized photo books, there are various reasons a person may want to search for an alternative, such as exploring unique design options, seeking better pricing, or desiring better print quality.

Here’s a look at five of the best Shutterfly alternatives for creating stunning photo books.

1. Posterjack

We’ve been printing photos since 2009 and have worked hard to solidify our reputation as Canada’s leading photo printing service.

There are several reasons our Photo Books come out on top:

Exceptional Quality: Our Photo Books are meticulously crafted using top-of-the-line materials, vibrant inks, and state-of-the-art printing technology. This unwavering dedication ensures your memories are presented in the most brilliant light.

Unmatched Customization: We offer an impressive array of customization options, providing you with the creative freedom to design a photo book that's a true reflection of your style and preferences. With various sizes, cover choices, and layout templates, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake.

User-Friendly Interface: Our Photo Book builder is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive. Creating your photo book is a breeze, with a simple drag-and-drop interface allowing you to easily arrange and edit your photos to perfection.

Swift Turnaround: Waiting for something you’re so excited to receive isn’t easy, we get it! As soon as you place your order, we get to work on creating your photo book. We want your memories transformed into a beautiful book as quickly as possible. Production times can vary depending on how busy we are when you order, but the average time it takes to produce a Photo Book is only 3-5 business days (plus shipping time). 

Top-Notch Customer Service: We’re renowned for our exceptional customer service! Our responsive and helpful support team is always ready to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise during the ordering process.

Multiple Photo Book Offerings: We offer three main photo book styles—Softcover, Hardcover, and Layflat—that come in several sizes with the number of pages being fully customizable. In the case of our Layflat Photo Book, you can also choose the material for the cover of your book, from a photo wrap, linen, or leather. The linen and leather options are available in multiple colours. 

For quick reference, here are links to each of our Photo Book product pages:

Softcover Photo Books

Hardcover Photo Books

Layflat Photo Books 

Make a Layflat Photo Book Now

2. Mixbook

Mixbook is another Shutterfly alternative to consider.

With its new AI-generated captions, extensive design options, and intuitive online editor, photo book creation is made simple.

3. Snapfish

For those mindful of budget, Snapfish emerges as a compelling alternative to Shutterfly. Snapfish offers regular discounts, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious individuals seeking to transform their memories into photo books.

4. Artifact Uprising

If environmental sustainability is a priority, Artifact Uprising may be worth considering. Using recycled materials for their books, this alternative offers a range of elegant designs with a commitment to reducing environmental impact, making it a conscientious choice for eco-minded consumers.

5. Blurb 

With customizable layouts and multiple paper options, Blurb offers photo books in several different styles.

Customers can download Blurb’s designer tool to create their photo books or use a third-party app like Adobe InDesign.

Make a Softcover Photo Book Now

Creating a Photo Book with a Shutterfly Alternative

Toddler looking at a Posterjack Photo Book

While Shutterfly has long been a popular choice in the world of personalized photo books, the alternatives mentioned above offer unique features, affordability, and diverse customization options.

We are confident that the photo books we offer here at Posterjack are the absolute top choice, combining exceptional print quality with a user-friendly interface and several design options.

We hope you’ll choose Posterjack to turn your favourite moments into a special keepsake you’ll admire for generations down the road. 

Make a Hardcover Photo Book Now


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