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30% OFF SITEWIDE with promo code: 30MIC 🍁Top quality photo prints, made in Canada 🍁

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Totally Love

Top Five Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Can’t decide what to get Dad this year for Father’s Day? He’s guaranteed to love any of these gift ideas!

What kind of cheese can never be yours? Nacho cheese.

Dad: the guy whose corny jokes somehow always manage to make you smile; the man who always has the best bear hugs; the dude who would move mountains for you (or sneak you ice cream after Mom said no). What’s the perfect gift for this guy? Here are five ideas in a variety of price ranges, so you can get Dad the best gift ever this Father’s Day. 

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love & Cherish

1. Acrylic Block

Photos Printed on Acrylic Blocks - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Available in 5x7 and 6x6, a Posterjack Acrylic Block is made from a perfectly clear, one-inch thick piece of premium cast acrylic that captures and refracts light in a way you just have to see for yourself! Colours are vibrant and beautiful; high-contrast photos look especially brilliant printed on an Acrylic Block. If you’re looking for a photo gift for Father's Day with a serious wow-factor, this is it! It will look fantastic on Dad’s office desk, nightstand, or even displayed in his shop. 

Price: $60

2. HD Metal Print

HD Metal Print - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Our ultra-premium HD Metal Prints are amazing and will enhance Dad’s man cave, living area, office, or garage. They can even be displayed outdoors! Our UV-stable inks are designed to protect your art from fading for over 100 years.

The way we make our HD Metal Prints is almost as cool as Dad. Created using a process called dye-sublimation, your photo is reverse-printed using unique transfer papers and dyes. It’s then placed over the 2mm Chromaluxe metal panel which has a special coating on it. Using a heat press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the sublimation dyes are converted to a gas and transferred to the metal at a molecular level. Since the dyes have been infused into the metal, your HD Metal Print will not fade, peel, or crack under normal conditions.

Whatever photo you think Dad will love—be it a loving family photo, an action shot of his four-legged best friend, the classic car he’s been restoring, or a landscape of his favourite fishing hole—an HD Metal Print’s brilliant colours, high definition, and glossy surface combine to make an incredible piece of art. HD Metal Prints are available in a large variety of sizes from 5”x7” all the way up to an impressive 32”x48”. 

Price: $38 and up. 

3. Photo Mug

Photo Mug - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

You can’t go wrong gifting Dad a photo mug! Our Photo Mugs are available in 11oz. and 15oz. sizes, are dishwasher-safe, and can be customized to include photos, text, and graphics on the front, front and back, or as a wrap-around full banner. Can’t you imagine Dad sipping his morning tea or coffee from a mug that features his favourite photo? You could even have the kids draw a picture or write a special message, photograph it, and include it on the mug to make it super personalized and unique. 

Price: $22 for 11oz. and $27 for 15oz. 

4. Wood Print

Photo Printed on Wood - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Just like Dad, Posterjack Wood Prints are full of character and completely unique. They’re made from Canadian birch wood from a certified renewable resource grown specifically to be harvested, so we’re never harming old growth forests. Your photo is printed directly onto wood, so the texture of the wood grain shows through where there are lighter colours in the photo. The wood’s natural warm tones and grain become a part of your image, creating a stunning effect that lends a subtle vintage feel to your photo. Even better, everything is made in-house – even the wood is cut, sanded, and routed in-house. Posterjack Wood Prints are great for Instagram photos because of the natural filter-like effect they give an image, and also because the texture and organic tones and grains of the wood will help hide any flaws in an image, so if you have a lower-quality shot that you’re wanting to use for your photo gift, it won’t be as obvious as if you were to print on something like glossy photo paper or acrylic.

Price: $48 and up. 

5. Acrylic Print

Acrylic Print - Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

If you want to give your dad a gift this Father’s Day that has a serious wow-factor; something that’s modern and vibrant, and will probably leave Dad speechless when he sees it, an Acrylic Print is the perfect gift idea! This custom piece of photo art is made with premium-quality materials from our Toronto workshop. We print your photo directly onto 1/4-inch thick, optically-clear acrylic glass using the giclée method. Once your photo is printed on the acrylic, our Photo Art Experts mount it to a white protective backing sheet and then finish it off by polishing the edges to a crystal-clear sheen. It’s one of our top products, and for good reason! Check out What is an Acrylic Print to learn more about them.

Price: $71 and up.

So Many Great Gift Ideas for Dad

Photo Art Gift Ideas for Dad - Father's Day Gift Guide

These are just a few great gift ideas for Father’s Day. Want to see what else you can do with your photos to create a thoughtful and personalized gift for the man in your life? You can check out our photo art product collection, or head over to our Idea Gallery to see photos our customers have shared of their Posterjack art. 

One last idea, if you can’t decide which photo to print or what to print it on, you can get Dad a gift certificate so he can choose himself! You could even get a Sample Box to wrap up with the gift certificate to give Dad a little taste test of the various materials he can print his photo on. 

Posterjack Photo Art Sample Box - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day face-to-face with the man you love or are looking for a thoughtful way to help him feel loved when you can’t physically be near, we hope your Father’s Day is the best it can be. 

Make a Personalized Photo Gift for Father's Day Now


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