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Should You Hang Canvas Prints in the Bathroom?

Large Canvas Print Displayed in the Washroom Above the Bath

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a canvas for artistic expression. In recent trends, people are exploring the idea of turning their bathrooms into spaces of beauty and tranquility.

A key element in this transformation is the introduction of artwork where canvas prints emerge as a popular choice.

But given its high-humidity environment, should you hang canvas prints in the bathroom? Let’s find out. 

Can You Hang Canvas Prints in The Bathroom?

The answer is a yes, but with some crucial considerations.

Bathrooms present a unique set of challenges due to their fluctuating humidity and temperature levels. Canvas, being a porous material, can be sensitive to these environmental factors.

The wooden stretcher bar the canvas is wrapped around could also deteriorate, depending on the materials used to make your canvas print. The steam from hot showers and the moisture lingering in the air can potentially impact the integrity of canvas prints over time.

Luckily, if you have a high-quality canvas print, the materials should be able to stand up to this environment. 

Not All Canvas Prints Are Created Equal 

Canvas Print Displayed in the Bathroom

If you’re looking for canvas prints that can withstand moisture and humidity and will still look vibrant and amazing years down the road, not all are fit for the job.

Some canvas printing companies use solvent-based printers and chemical inks which produce a low-quality product that will fade in less than 10 years. They also use liquid laminates which initially look good, but crack, fade, and turn yellow over time.

Posterjack, on the other hand, prints photos on canvas using the Giclée method using original HP Vivera Latex inks, so photos will stay vibrant and will not fade for over 200 years. 

Another major contributor to the durability of our Canvas Prints is the custom frame that we professionally stretch your canvas over. As we pointed out, one factor to consider when deciding whether you should hang a canvas print in the bathroom is the wood frame that the canvas is wrapped around, as that will be what’s most vulnerable to long-term water damage.

Some canvas printing companies make their frames from plywood or by using cheap frame kits that can bow and warp over time, even in the driest of conditions.

Posterjack custom frames are made using 1.5”-thick, sturdy Grade A Canadian basswood, so they’ll be more durable in humid conditions.

Best Practices for Placement

While the allure of canvas prints in the bathroom is undeniable, where you display your print can contribute to its longevity.

To minimize potential damage, avoid direct contact with water. Steer clear of hanging canvas prints directly above sinks or near showers, where they might be exposed to frequent splashes.

If possible, opt for well-ventilated areas within the bathroom to prevent the build-up of moisture.

Best Canvas Prints Alternatives for Bathroom

If you’re undecided about whether you want to hang a canvas print in your bathroom, there are many alternatives you can consider!

All of our products are durable enough to be displayed in rooms with high humidity like the bathroom, with the exception of our Photo Prints and Framed Photos.

Here are a few canvas print alternatives worth considering for bathroom decor:

Matte White & Brushed Silver Metal Prints

Of all our photo printing products, our Matte White Metal Prints and Brushed Silver Metal Prints are the most durable and practical for displaying in high-humidity environments - they're even tough enough to be displayed outdoors!

They're printed using the giclée method and advanced SwissQprint equipment for superior image quality.

Our photo printers produce a metal print that delivers longterm durability and fade resistance. These metal prints will not fade for over 200 years. 


Posterjack Customer Photo of Photobaord Displayed in the Bathroom

[Posterjack customer, Michael D, shares this photo of their Photoboard displayed in the bathroom.]

Another alternative to canvas prints, Photoboards are also printed using the giclée method, using our swissQprint equipment and GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks, so they have the same fade-resistance rating as our Metal Prints mentioned above.

Because we print your photo or artwork directly onto a rigid board with a matte finish, there is no glass in front of the photo, as you would have with a framed print. 

HD Metal Prints

With a fade-resistance rating of 100+ years, our HD Metal Prints are created using a process called dye-sublimation. This means your photo is reverse-printed using unique transfer papers and dyes.

It’s then placed over the Chromaluxe metal panel which has a special coating on it. Using a heat press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the sublimation dyes are converted to a gas and transferred to the metal at a molecular level.

Since the dyes have been infused into the metal, your HD Metal Print will not fade, peel, or crack under normal conditions. 

* Note that constant high humidity can also affect the float mount hanging system found on Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, and Photoboards so consider choosing an alternative hanging option if your print will be in an environment with continuous moisture. 

Go Ahead, Hang That Canvas Print in Your Bathroom!

The decision to hang canvas prints in the bathroom requires a bit of thoughtful consideration.

While bathrooms pose challenges, they also offer an opportunity to infuse your space with personality and style.

By following best practices for placement and ensuring you select a printer that uses quality materials, the aesthetic allure of canvas prints can be enjoyed in this often-neglected space.

Are you ready to enhance the look of your bathroom by hanging beautiful canvas prints? We would love to help!

Create your own custom Canvas Prints here. 

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