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A Beautiful Way to Memorialize a Pet: Photo Art of the Week

Custom Framed Print of Sleeping Dog

Honouring & Remembering Maggie

This Photo Art of the Week belongs to Christine Green.

Christine tells us, “This picture is of our beloved girl Maggie, and was taken while she slept on the couch. Unfortunately Maggie got sick and was put to sleep on Wednesday, October 30th, her 10th birthday. This picture has a special spot in our hearts as it’a our keepsake of her.”

Photo of a Sleeping Dog in a Custom Framed Print

We were so sorry to hear of Christine’s loss and honoured that she would trust Posterjack to create such an important keepsake of her fur baby. We are huge dog-lovers, many of us having our own fur babies at home. We even have Ginger, our favourite four-legged co-worker, who is by our side throughout the day in our Toronto workshop. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Christine and her family during this difficult time.

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