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Inside Look: How We Make Our Gallery Boxes

Behind the Scenes: Making a Gallery Box in Posterjack's Toronto Workshop

The Posterjack Gallery Box is a favourite with interior designers for several reasons. They’re extremely versatile and look great no matter where they’re displayed. This is a huge perk for those who like to switch things up once in a while, giving their rooms a refresh. The versatility also makes a Gallery Box perfect for anyone who wants to decorate their home with art and photos, but aren’t sure where to start. You can’t go wrong with this photo art product! 

Shadow Box Wall Art

Just as versatile as the Gallery Box is, so is its name. They’re often called shadow boxes or, just simply, floater frames. The solid hardwood floater frames are handcrafted from our Toronto workshop and are available in four different colours: black, espresso, white, and silver. 

Gallery Box Floater Frame Colour Options

Another reason Posterjack Gallery Boxes are so popular is because they’re a super affordable way to display custom art in your home. Available in over 30 different sizes and multiple aspect ratios, you can create your own shadow box wall art that’s perfect for your space starting at just $57.99. 

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Shadow Box Wall Art - Custom Gallery Boxes with White Floater Frames

Our Gallery Boxes are built to last a lifetime. Your images are printed using the giclee method using original AGFA inks and our proprietary software. Your beautiful artwork is rated for 200+ years of fade-resistance!

We’ve also had a lot of feedback from interior designers saying they love our Gallery Boxes because of their matte finish. We print your images directly onto a rigid board, which is then carefully inset into the floater frame. Since there’s no glass in front of the photo, the artwork can be displayed in any room, without getting glare from overhead lighting or reflections from natural light coming in from the windows. 

Shadow Box Floater Frame Displayed in Living Room by Window

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How We Make Our Floater Frame Gallery Boxes

Discover what goes into making this chic, stylish, and affordable photo art product by watching this short video.

Gallery Box Video Transcript 

This is a Posterjack Gallery Box. It’s a piece of custom artwork made just for you at our workshop. They’re chic, stylish, and affordable. Our Gallery Boxes make it a cinch to decorate with style. Here’s why:

We start with a quarter-inch rigid, bright white board. Then we print directly on the board using state-of-the-art inkjet printers and Posterjack software for vibrant colours and sharp details. Finally, we inset the board into a sleek wooden frame with clean, modern lines. Gallery Boxes are something fresh and adaptable, with a gorgeous matte finish and a refined look. They’re a favourite of interior designers. We’d love to print your photo on a Gallery Box and show you how amazing they can be. 

Posterjack Gallery Box Features - Custom Shadow Box Wall Art Floater Frames

Customer Photos of Their Gallery Boxes

We’ll leave you with a few photos our customers have shared of their Posterjack Gallery Boxes (clicking on an image will provide you with photo credit). Head over to the Idea Gallery to see even more, and you can also read thousands of reviews too (although that might take a while. 😉). We hope we can create some custom, quality, and Canadian-made wall art for your space and, as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

Living Room Decor - Shadow Box Floater Frame Displayed by Posterjack Customer

Artwork Print Displayed on Shelf - Gallery Box by Posterjack

Canadian Photography Printed on Posterjack Gallery Boxes

Gallery Wall of Travel Photos Printed by Posterjack - Shadow Box Floater Frames

Gallery Wall of White Shadow Box Floater Frames Displayed in Living Room

Create Your Own Gallery Box Floater Frames

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