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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List!

Posterjack Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Whether you’re shopping for a Secret Santa gift for a coworker or looking for the perfect, hit-you-right-in-the-feels gift for a loved one, Posterjack offers something for everyone. You can get all your holiday shopping done in one place. And best of all, that place is right from the comfort of your own home. 

Perfect Gift for Grandparents

Our Canvas Prints are a fan favourite, just like Grandma and Grandpa! But that’s not the only reason they’re the perfect gift idea for grandparents. Our Canvas Prints are professionally stretched on a Canadian basswood frame and come ready to hang, making it super easy to get that special, personalized gift out of its wrapping paper and onto the wall. And it doesn’t matter whether your grandparents are modern and trendy or classic and traditional, our Canvas Prints will look great in any home. Visit our Canvas Prints page to create the perfect gift for your grandparents. 

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents - Posterjack Canvas Prints

Perfect Gift for Moms

It can be a challenge trying to find the perfect gift for Mom. What do you get the woman whose love is unconditional? The person who always puts her children before herself? The only person in the world who can call you by your full name and you know you better do as you’re told? An Acrylic Print is the perfect gift for Mom. Of all our photo art products, this is the one that will really make your photo pop. We print your photo on 1/4” thick, 99.9% optically clear acrylic using the giclee (UV inkjet) method, so your print will not fade for over 200 years. Acrylic Prints are beautiful and the colours are so vibrant. There’s not a lot that can surprise Mom, but gifting her a special photo printed on acrylic will definitely have her jaw dropping. Visit our Acrylic Prints page to get started.

Acrylic Prints - Perfect Gift Idea for Mom

Perfect Gift for Dads

If a child refuses to take a nap, is he resisting a rest? 

Dad: the guy whose corny dad jokes somehow always manage to make you smile; the man who always has the best bear hugs; the dude who would move mountains for you (or sneak you ice cream after Mom said no). What’s the perfect gift for this guy? How about a super-vivid, ultra-premium HD Metal Print? Landscapes, architectures, vehicles, and even portraits all look amazing turned into an HD Metal Print. Even better, our HD Metal Prints can be hung outdoors, so your dad can display his gift wherever he likes, whether that’s in the house, out in the garage, or by the patio in the backyard. Order the perfect gift for your dad by visiting our HD Metal Prints page. 

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Perfect Gift Idea for Dad - Posterjack HD Metal Print

Perfect Gift for Students & Younger Children

Both parents and kids love our Peel & Stick Prints, making them an awesome gift idea. 

Students love them because they can be repositioned up to 50 times and can be applied to nearly any surface, so they have the freedom to personalize their walls, ceilings, lockers, laptops, or just about anything else. They’re available in square formats too, making it easy to print Instagram photos. 

Younger children love it when parents turn their own artwork into Peel & Sticks. It’s so exciting for them to see the painting or drawing they spent so much time on turned into a long-lasting piece of art that they can easily put on display all by themselves.

Parents love Peel & Stick Prints as gifts for their kids because they’re inexpensive and will not damage paint or leave holes in the walls. For these reasons, they make great gifts for all occasions and make it easy to update a bedroom with new photos. With prices starting at only $5.49, they make great stocking stuffers too! Visit our Peel & Stick Prints page to learn more and to make your own.

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Holiday Gift Guide & Stocking Stuffers for Kids - Posterjack Peel & Stick Prints

Perfect Gift for Significant Others

Buying a meaningful Christmas gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner—let’s just say significant other—can be challenging. How many bottles of perfume or cologne do they really need? And just because you like the look of that sweater, are you sure it’s going to fit them or that they’ll even like it? If you want to get your partner a thoughtful Christmas gift that they’re absolutely going to love—and will fit them perfectly!—you should consider a Posterjack Gallery Box. Designer-approved, Gallery Boxes come in a variety of sizes and their Float Frame is available in four different colours, making them a versatile photo art product that will fit in with anyone’s decor style. Turn your favourite photo into a gift with meaning that your significant other is sure to love by visiting our Gallery Box page. 

Best Gift for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife - Posterjack Gallery Box

Create Your Own Gallery Box Now

Perfect Gift for Best Friends

Are you still on the hunt for a Christmas gift for your BFF? They probably already have a cupboard full of herbal teas and a closet stuffed with scarves, and maybe that bottle wine is a tempting purchase, but will it have meaning one, two, or even five years down the road? Spoiler alert: it won’t. If you want to get your best friend a gift that is personalized, thoughtful, and won’t break your bank, consider turning their favourite photo into a Photoboard. These stylish and modern pieces of art are handcrafted in our Toronto-based workshop and come ready to hang, so your bestie can take their gift and hang it on the wall as soon as they open it. Visit our Photoboards page to order one today.  

Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Best Friend - A Posterjack Photoboard

Perfect Gift for Coworkers or the Boss

Here’s a tough one! Buying a holiday gift for a coworker or your boss can be tricky. You may have an idea of what they’re interested in but not know what they already have, and you probably want to get them something that is tasteful but not over-the-top. So, what do you get them? We have a few options worth considering.

Desk Decor 

Our desk decor photo art products are perfect for coworkers and bosses. Their small sizes mean they can choose to display their gift in their office, cubical, or take it home. But what type of photo do you turn into desk decor for a coworker or boss? Here are a few ideas:

  • Group photo from a work event (this is a great option if you’re getting a Secret Santa gift or a gift where you don’t know who will be receiving it.)
  • A photo of an accomplishment or recent success
  • The company logo or slogan
  • Office dog
  • Any photo captured at work that’s fun or significant 
  • Happy customers or creative product photos
  • Photos that remind the boss of their success and growth - perhaps an old photo of a smaller shop from early days in business, or a group photo from when they only had three employees. 

We offer four different desk decor products: 

  1. Acrylic Blocks
  2. Canvas Minis
  3. Metal Minis
  4. Woodstand Prints

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Desk Decor Posterjack Prints - Holiday Gift Guide for Coworkers & Boss

Gift Certificate

If the desk decor gift idea doesn’t work for you, another option is to let your coworker or boss create their own photo art with a Posterjack gift certificate. They’re available from $10 and up, fitting in with any budget. Even better, the printable gift certificate is sent to you immediately after you purchase it. If you waited until the last minute to get a gift, we’ve got your back! And it’s such a thoughtful gift, nobody will know you were printing it off while getting your shoes on to head out the door. Your secret is safe with us. Visit our Gift Certificates page to get one now! 

Perfect Gift Idea for Everyone - Posterjack Gift Certificate

The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

This is just a roundup of holiday gift ideas we thought you’d like, but we have plenty of other options too! Here’s a summary of all our photo art products if you’re interested in checking out the other great products we offer. 

Gift giving is exciting, especially when you know you’re giving someone something that has a lot of thought and meaning behind it. We’re 100% committed to producing quality photo art and truly care that you love your artwork. But don’t just take our word for it, read thousands of reviews to see what other people are saying. 

Already have a Posterjack gift giving experience? Share it with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear it! 

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