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Ends at Midnight25% OFF SITEWIDE with code: 25FMDS plus Great Price Markdowns on Canvas Prints ➨

Framed Song Lyrics and Photo: A Beautiful DIY Wall Art Idea

Framed Song Lyrics and Photo

For Your Home or As a Gift

Whether you’re thinking about framing song lyrics with a photo to display in your own home or want to make a special gift for someone, there are so many themes and occasions you could make this for; you can even swap out song lyrics for a favourite poem or quote. 

Probably the most popular framed song lyrics and photo theme is a wedding song—the first dance song, especially—paired with a photo of the bride and groom. This idea makes a wonderful anniversary gift, especially if you choose to print it on a material that coordinates with the traditional anniversary gift - a Wood Print for a 5-year anniversary gift, for example. 

In addition to wedding songs and photos, you could consider pairing up a child’s favourite song with a photo of them as a gift for grandparents or to display in their bedroom or nursery. A framed photo of a child reading coupled with a quote from their favourite book is a great addition to a reading nook or other quiet space’s decor. People also choose to frame poems and song lyrics with photos of lost loved ones or pets as a beautiful memorial. You could even frame a family photo with a song that really resonates with you, whether it’s something deep and meaningful, or light and humorous. 

Whatever the song lyrics and photo are that you want to frame and regardless of whether you want to hang it in your own home or gift it to someone, you don’t need to be a graphic designer or have expensive software to make it yourself. In fact, you can make the image without having any skills or prior experience, and you can do it with free tools you can easily find online. To prove this point, we asked someone on the Posterjack team—who is not a graphic designer—to make an image that included song lyrics and a photo using any tool she wanted, as long as it was something she found online and was free to use. Here is a photo of her creation.

"Perfect" Song Lyrics and Wedding Photo DIY Second Attempt

How The Song Lyrics and Photo Were Made

Performing a simple Google search for a tool to add text to a photo for free, our team member came across an editor called FotoJet. Although the company offers a premium version, the basic free option looked to have enough features to get the job done and looked pretty easy to navigate and use. 

Making Custom Song Lyrics and Photo with FotoJet

The final version of the song lyrics with photo took a few attempts. With zero guidance, this was the original version of what she came up with.

Ed Sheeran Perfect Song Lyrics and Wedding Photo DIY First Attempt

Our team member wanted to incorporate the lyrics of the Ed Sheeran song, Perfect, with a wedding photo and date. Thinking she did a pretty decent job, she thought she’d share it with our graphic designer to get some feedback, who offered these very helpful tips and suggestions:

1. Choose a photo with a lot of negative space and less busy background. If possible, go with a plain background, so you can place your text comfortably.

2. Choose a contrasting colour for the font and the background (light text colour on a dark background and vice versa). 

3. If you can avoid it, try not to write on top of the important element/focal point of the picture (i.e. the couple).

4. Try adding some transparent overlay on top of the image to add more contrast or to darken/lighten the background before writing on top of the image.

5. Rather than using cursive text, try simpler fonts (maybe a light serif/sans serif) to create a more sophisticated and elegant look that’s easy to read.

6. Play with different font sizes or try adding a title.

7. Have a good balance between the space in the image and the amount of text. Maybe choose a song with fewer words if you have limited space.

With these tips in mind, our team member tried again. Using the free features in FotoJet, she added an overlay to darken the image slightly. She really wanted to keep the lyrics she originally planned to use, but instead of trying to jam them all in, she chose one verse of the song that she really liked and thought fit in well with the photo. And finally, because of the colours in the photo and the darker overlay used, she chose to include white text for the lyrics so it would stand out and be easy to read. 

We can’t get over how much of an improvement was made to the image simply by following these simple tips! (Huge shoutout to our graphic designer for the help!)

Printing Your Creation

Now for the really fun part: turning the song lyrics and photo you just created into art! Posterjack offers a large variety of photo art products, but here are a few popular choices worth considering.

Framed Song Lyrics and Photo

Custom Framed Song Lyrics and Photo

Posterjack offers a variety of styles of custom frames which are available in several sizes and beautiful finishes, so finding the perfect framed print for your song lyrics and photo that fits in with your decor will be easy. 

Idea: Looking for a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary gift idea? The traditional gifts for these milestones are silver for the 25th and gold for the 50th, making our stunning silver and gorgeous gold Metallic Frames the perfect gift! 

On Canvas

Custom Song Lyrics and Photo Printed on Canvas

Print your song lyrics and photo on canvas for a timeless and classic look that will look stunning in any room. Our Canvas Prints are made with premium-quality materials that will last a lifetime and they’re super easy to clean - simply wipe them down with a damp cloth!

Idea: Struggling to come up with a 2nd anniversary gift that incorporates the traditional gift of cotton? Posterjack Canvas Prints are made using premium 405 GSM satin poly/cotton canvas! 

On Wood

Perfect Song Lyrics and Wedding Photo Printed on Wood

For a natural look that’s completely unique, try printing your song lyrics and photo directly onto wood. We will print your photo onto a half-inch 12-ply birchwood panel so the raw, organic tones and wood grain will show through. The results are truly one of a kind. 

Idea: The traditional 5th year anniversary gift is wood, so printing your wedding song lyrics and photo onto a Wood Print is a great gift idea! 

On Metal

Ed Sheeran Perfect Song Lyrics and Photo Printed on a Metal Mini

We offer three different types of Metal Prints—HD, Classic Silver, and Classic White. All three options will do a great job at making your song lyrics and photo look its best. Check out Everything You Need to Know About Metal Prints to learn about the differences between each metal. If you don’t have time to check it out but have already decided you want your photo printed on metal, the safest option, with its satin-matte and glare-free finish, would be the Classic White Metal Print.

Idea: Our Metal Prints are a great idea for a 10-year anniversary gift, as the traditional gift is aluminum! 

Bonus Idea: Printing your wedding song lyrics with an engagement photo on Metal Minis make beautiful wedding reception table decor. The built-in easel allows the print to display beautifully. You could even have a fun game to give away each print to a guest sitting at the table at the end of the night. 

Your Song Lyrics & Photo

Framed prints of song lyrics and photos are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, kid’s rooms, or even to honour a loved one or pet. Whatever the reason is for wanting to frame your own song lyrics and photo, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to do it yourself. Simply follow the tips above and you’ll have a beautiful piece of art that’s professionally printed and delivered to your home in no time, ready to hang on your wall or gift to someone special.

Print Your Song Lyrics & Photo Now

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