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5 Steps to Getting The Best Canvas Prints in Canada

Collection of Family Photos Printed on Canvas by Posterjack Canada

No matter which part of Canada you live in, be it Victoria, St. John’s, or anywhere in between, Posterjack offers the best canvas prints in Canada. But with so many online photo printing companies to choose from, we understand you may want to do your homework before deciding who to order your prints from. We want to make that process as easy as possible for you, so have created several blog posts to help you out. 

The Ultimate Guide to Getting The Best Canvas Prints Ever

From understanding the differences between what various photo printing companies offer in terms of quality to seeing photos other Canadians have shared of their own canvas prints, here are five steps to getting the best canvas prints in Canada. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever have any questions, we are always more than happy to help! 

Step 1: Know What You’re Ordering

Posterjack Team Member Making a Canvas Print in Toronto Workshop

Of the five steps included in this article, this is the most important one, so we’ve taken the time to expand a little bit on what each blog post is about (the other steps aren’t so wordy, we promise). This is the most important step because we imagine you’re going to want a product that makes your photo look its best, with beautiful colours, gorgeous texture, and durable materials. You want to be confident knowing that what you’re spending your money on will look just as amazing years down the road as it does when you first receive it. Not all photo printing companies are created equal, and we can assure you that Posterjack makes the best canvas prints in Canada. Please feel free to check out any of these blog posts to learn more, or scroll down to Step 2 to get on with the rest of this list! 

The Benefits of Canvas Printing - This blog post first looks at the top five benefits of printing on canvas—like how versatile and budget-friendly it is—and then jumps into the top five benefits of choosing Posterjack to print on canvas. Spoiler alert: the reasons Posterjack Canvas Prints are the best are thanks to their longevity, durability, beautiful texture, the fact that they’re made in Canada, and are eco-friendly. Visit the blog post to learn more!  

Does Posterjack Make The Best Canvas Prints in Canada? - We’ve been printing photos and art on canvas since 2009—always working hard to be the best in the industry by continuously investing in world-class equipment and materials, and providing customer service like no other—so it’s easy for us to share why we feel Posterjack Canvas Prints are the best in Canada. But we want to take a moment to share why you feel the best canvas prints in Canada come from Posterjack! This blog post looks at some of the reviews our awesome customers shared, along with some photos you’ve proudly posted to social media.  

How Do You Print on Canvas? - If you’re considering going out to a local craft store to purchase what you need to DIY canvas prints from home, we would really love for you to reconsider. Depending on the supplies and technique you follow, your DIY canvas print will crack and fade over time and the colours in the photo will be dull and lifeless. This post looks at the benefits of choosing a quality photo printing company to print your photos on canvas and includes a short video that takes you inside our Toronto-based workshop to see a Canvas Print in the making. 

Are Canvas Prints Waterproof? - Are you thinking about displaying your canvas print in a room with high humidity, like the kitchen or bathroom, or do you plan on submerging your photo art into the depths of Lake Muskoka? Assuming you’re not planning on decorating the hull of your boat, some photo printing companies offer canvas prints that are more than up to the task of being displayed in rooms with high humidity. Make sure to do your homework though, as some companies make their frames from plywood or by using cheap frame kits that can bow and warp over time, even in the driest of conditions. Posterjack custom frames are made using 1.5”-thick, sturdy Grade A Canadian basswood, so they’ll be more durable in humid conditions. Check out this blog post to learn more. 

HD Metal Prints vs. Canvas Prints - Comparing Photo Art Products - Are you still trying to decide whether you want to print on canvas or something else? This post compares two of our popular photo printing products to help you decide which is best for you and the space you’re displaying your photo art in. 

Step 2: Choosing the Photo You Want Printed on Canvas 

Photo of Kids Printed on Canvas and Displayed in Room

Although we print photos and artwork for professional photographers and artists, we also create beautiful prints for Canadians who capture photos just using their iPhone! There’s a common misconception that you can’t create large canvas prints with images captured with a smartphone because the resolution isn’t good enough. That’s simply not the case! Here are some posts with more information to help answer your questions and ease your concerns.

How to Turn Phone Pictures into Canvas Prints

How to Print Pictures From Your Phone

How to Print Low-Resolution Photos

Tips on How to Scan and Enlarge Old Photos

How to Turn Your Instagram Photos into Wall Art

Avoiding Poor-Quality Prints

How to Make Prints from Original Artwork

Step 3: Decide How You’re Going to Display Your Canvas Print 

Canvas Prints by Posterjack Canada Displayed on Shelves in Living Room

Sometimes this step can come before the step of choosing the photos you want to turn into canvas prints. If you have a big, empty wall that you want to display photos on or an awkward space you want to decorate, like a staircase or narrow hallway, these posts will help you with everything from planning out a gallery wall to choosing the best size of canvas print for your space.

How to Display Your Artwork [Infographic]

The Best Canvas Print Size for Your Photo & Space

7 Creative Ways to Include Canvas Prints in Your Decor

5 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall of Family Photos

Gallery Wall Ideas with Layout Templates

Staircase Wall Art Ideas

Step 4: Ordering Your Canvas Print 

Ordering a Canvas Print from Posterjack - Made in Canada

This is the easiest part! Once you’ve decided which photo(s) you plan on printing, simply upload your image to our website, choose the product and size you’d like, and let us take it from there! We’ll get to work handcrafting your Canvas Print from our Toronto workshop and then carefully package it up and ship it to your front door. Your artwork will arrive ready-to-hang, the moment you unbox it! 

Make Your Own Canvas Print Now

Step 5: Show It Off! 

Mother and Daughter Showing Off Their Large Canvas Photo Print Made in Canada by Posterjack

Of course, this step is totally optional, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to show off your new Canvas Print as soon as you get it because seeing your own photos turned into art is SO EXCITING! Your friends and family are going to be wowed, especially when thy learn that you’re the photographer behind the masterpiece! If you take a photo of your new print and share it on social media, we would love to check it out! Feel free to tag us for a chance to be featured from our own accounts and website.

Here are links to a few blog posts we’ve created that feature some customer photos:

Celebrating Love & Friendship: A Framed Canvas Print Wedding Photo

Sibling Love Printed on Canvas 

Beautiful 16”x24” Canvas Print of Loon Lake, BC

Family Photo Printed on Canvas

Finding Ways to Feel Closer with a Canvas Mini

Toronto Street Photography Printed on Canvas

Making the Best Canvas Prints in Canada

Canada Photo Printed on Canvas - Toronto Behind-The-Scenes Shot by Posterjack

If you haven’t read our story yet, we're 100% Canadian and over twenty amazing people work in our Toronto headquarters. We started Posterjack in 2009 as digital photography was emerging. Our mission was to help Canadians print their digital photos in large sizes, so they could hang them on their walls. Fast-forward 12 years, and we’re printing over 100,000 photos every year for Canadians across the country. Our team is excited to come to work every day to turn your photos into something special. We appreciate our customers, and that you trust us to turn your photos into something you’re proud to share with your friends and family. We absolutely love reading your reviews and seeing photos of your artwork on the wall. We promise to continue giving you our best, every single time. Thank you! 

We’ll leave you with a few screenshots of reviews our customers have shared. You can head over to our Canvas Prints page to see more or to order your own Canvas Print! 

Canvas Print Photo and Review by Posterjack Customer - Image of Toronto Skyline

Canvas Print Photo and Review by Posterjack Customer - Custom Art Print

Canvas Print Photo and Review by Posterjack Customer - Gallery Wall

Canvas Print Photo and Review by Posterjack Customer - Eagle Artwork

Make Your Own Canvas Print Now

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