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🎁Great Gifts for Dad with 25% OFF SITEWIDE use code: FHD25 + Canvas Print Bonus Markdowns ➨

🎁Great Gifts for Dad with 25% OFF SITEWIDE use code: FHD25 + Canvas Print Bonus Markdowns ➨

Finding Ways to Feel Closer: Photo Art of the Week

Photo Art of the Week Picture of Couple in Love Printed on a Canvas Mini by Posterjack

Bridging the Gap with Photo Art

This Photo Art of the Week belongs to Elizabeth Meza. You’re looking at a 6”x6” Canvas Mini. 

Elizabeth tells us, “This is me and my boyfriend in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico last May. I’m a Mexican and my boyfriend is Canadian. We met a few years ago and this was his first time in Mexico. We went on a big road trip, traveled more than 1800 km and visited seven magical towns and cities. Since we’re so far away, we try to find ways of feeling closer so I thought it would be a nice surprise for him to have this as a reminder of what a great time we had.” 

Create Your Own Posterjack Canvas Mini Photo Print Now

A Mini Print with a Big Impact

With all the goodness of our award-winning Canvas Prints, Posterjack Canvas Minis are perfect for displaying photos on your desk, shelf, mantle, tabletop, or wall. They look fantastic displayed as a group too! Stack them, layer them, mix sizes, and let your creativity shine. Because of their smaller size, Canvas Minis are also a fantastic personalized gift idea. They’re super versatile, will look great wherever they’re placed, fit in with all decor styles, and you don’t need empty wall space to display your favourite memories. 

Are you in love yet? If you want to see what other people think of our Canvas Minis, you can read thousands of reviews from verified buyers - just click on the image below!👇

Posterjack Canada Canvas Mini Photo Prints Customer Reviews

You can also check out photos our customers have shared of their Posterjack art in our Idea Gallery, like these beautiful prints shared by Sarah Clair on Instagram.

Pet Photos Printed on Canvas by Posterjack - Customer Photo

And if you haven’t heard, if you share a photo of your Posterjack art, you can be entered to win $150 in free prints! For more information, check out this Free Prints Friday post. 

Here are a few more photos of our Canvas Minis, just because they’re so wonderful to look at. 😘

Posterjack Canada Canvas Mini Photo Prints on a Shelf

Posterjack Canada Canvas Mini Photo Prints Displayed on a Desk

Photo of Mother and Child Printed on a Posterjack Canvas Mini

Print Your Photo on a Canvas Mini Now

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